MFG pedals problem (right toebrake not responding)

Hey peeps,

Perhaps any of you can help me with this problem I’m having. Recently I decided to “reset” my windows in a bid to get rid of an annoyance with the mouse (didn’t work btw). All of my HOTAS (Virpil T50CM2, TM Warthog Throttle, MFG v2 Pedals) works as it did before except the right toebrake axis of the pedals.

In the DCS keybinding window, the axis just doesn’t pick up. In Il-2 it strangely binds to a throttle axis.

I tried it in a different USB port, but to no avail.

I looked at it in the MFG calibration tool, and it seemed to work just fine. Help! What is wrong with this thing?


Did you only look in the calibration tool or did you also recalibrate. Some guys in my squadron had to recalibrate to get it working again. Also v2 pedals (I have v3 pedals)

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I recalibrated.

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Maybe try with a completely fresh set of bindings (temporarily move your Input folder out of the saved games folder to another location and let DCS recreate it fresh). If that doesn’t help you can contact Milan himself. He was very helpful to one of my squadron mates when he had a similar problem.

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Did you try to calibrate it in the Windows dialog?

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I recall having used the mfg calibration tool a while back and having similar issues. It turned out I misused the tool and in fact mis-calibrated my axis.
I cant remember exactly what happened but be sure to read slowly how you need to use the tool. There was something less obvious about it.

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Does the issue show on the Windows calibration axis view or does it work correctly there?

I’d also check that you’ve got the latest firmware update on the Crosswinds. Doesn’t sound like that’s the cause of the issue but worth checking.

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You should not do that. Definitely use the MFG calibration tool for it. You can use windows to check if the axis are recognised correctly but never calibrate using the windows dialog.


This. It was in the instructions from Milan as well.

What might have happened is that both toe-brake axis are now seen as one by Windows with the problem that only half is seen- literally a mess.

Remove whatever driver Windows assigned to it and recalibrate it with MFG apps.


I just ordered mine last week and they should arrive next week.

I will keep this in mind when they arrive!


Any luck so far @schurem

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This. If you write the guy he will beg you not to use the windows calibration tool.

[Oops. Just saw @komemiute’s post above. I’m keeping this one here just so I can show how I belong among such smart friends. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:]


I have been working hard. Sunny weather is fine and dandy, but doing manual labour becomes twice as demanding. Maybe I’ll find the energy to fiddle with it on the weekend.


Strangely a second round of careful calibration in the mfg tool un£ooked the thing. I am now braking differentially in glorious precision.


Glad you got them working again Schurem

Glad you got them fixed. I had a problem with my Slaw Device Pedals. It was my left brake that was not working. Your thread helped me fix them on Saturday. By the time I got here you are already sorted.
Here is what happened. About a month ago I detected this problem. Reached out to the manufacturer and he said to send him the electronics or the pedals and he would repair if needed. It would be horribly expensive to ship so they sat for a while. I tried to see If I could find a problem but I could not. I was calibrating with Windows and that was what the problem really was. This weekend after reading this thread I used the Slaw Device calibration tool and whala! Problem Fixed!!! Lessons were learned.
By the way, I bought the Slaw Pedals in 2015. They still work Perfect! Before them, I had a junkyard of CH and Saitek pedals. They lasted about a year to 18 months before failure. A good set of pedals is a great investment.


When I got my first set of Slaw pedals, he sent me this rudder.exe file and told me never to use windows calibration. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

He probably did the same with me and I promptly forgot. :thinking: He is a great guy and takes lots of pride on what he does. I am so happy now!

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