Microsoft Flight Sim 4

Choose the option to go through the startup menus (1).

Pick a 80386 ( C ), VGA 16 color (Q), Normal Flight (A), Dynamic Scenery (A) (or C), (B) for keyboard, and just use the mouse.

Basic keys are noted on the panel, with F2/F3 thrust up/down, F6/F7 flaps. Number keys for menus as shown.

Ctrl + F11 / F12 adjust the processor speed, if it feels off.

Land at Meigs Field.


This was the first PC-based MSFS I had. Light years beyond FS2 on my Atari 800EX.
It was also the last MSFS I had. After that, I only got MS CFS3, which contrary to popular opinion I actually quite enjoyed.

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Same here. Loved it! I was very young and remember this being the one I played over and over on our old 286? 386? Can’t remember