Microsoft ports DirectX12 to Linux

I gotta admit, this one caught me by surprise, I didn’t see that coming. My only question is: Why?


This is a surprise, though not as much as it would have been a few years ago!

Still a bit hesitant with the whole ‘Embrace Extend Extinguish’ course they’ve had for a long long time.


My guess is fear that Vulkan might potentially cause DirectX to be left behind.


Right now it looks like it will.

Fat chance that any FOSS software project is going to implement a frontend in DX12.

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Now that has my full attention too ! Something brewing that actually managed not to get leaked I wonder ?

Makes LINUX far more viable option , for me at least , now. This requires much looking in to. @sobek if you find out why the sudden change of heart here by The Evil Overlords , please do share.

Inquiring minds simply want to know, especially if they sniff out a decent investment chance in this economy ! :thinking:

Google “embrace, extend, extinguish”. They are trying to hold on to what developers are still working with Windows. Personally it disgusts me so much that I would rather take a reasonable salary cut than work at a company that forces me to use Windows to develop.


Well Windows10 is being touted now as SaaS, even though you only have to pay once upfront.

MS is also taking big leaps with Linux compatibility including the Windows Subsystem for Linux v2 coming out soon and you can even run Microsoft SQL Server on Linux.

I think they are finding that since they can’t have the entire OS pie, they want to regain ground any other way they can.

MS Teams is also on Linux, the first of the MS Office suite to make a showing.

Time will tell I guess.


Yeah kudos to them for getting an electron app to run on Linux. :grinning: That’s like congratulating them for firefox being able to render the Microsoft HP under Linux.

I’m sure they must have gone out of their way. Never mind that it takes 500Mb RAM and half a CPU core to render* plain text.

*Disclaimer: My experience with Teams is from ~2 years ago, but it was ridiculous back then. Could be that they streamlined it somewhat but from my experience with other electron based apps, i very much doubt it.

Edit: Electron apps in general are such a sh**show that people are programming CLI apps for them so it’s unfair to blame Microsoft for that. In their case though, i have no problem with being unfair.

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It seems to be fairly lightweight now, its a UWP app that resides in %APPDATA% on Windows, for each user, rather than an installed traditional program.

I have no doubt on your experience though, I was anticipating such awful resource usage. However, since processors are so much quicker and quantities of RAM more prevalent I think most people will be okay with a semi-recent PC.


IDK. The thought alone of blowing around so much hot air just to render a few lines of text is enraging. Reason why i could never be a web dev.


Win 10 actually is a step in the right direction, a improvement of sorts. If one considers that having 1 Broken leg is a improvement over having two broken legs, both those options simply suck in a major way.

MS , though , in what it apparently claims is looking out for the average user , IDIOT PROOFED it to the point one has a better chance of finding lost treasure under their house than anything of any real value or usefulness under that damn Titanium Shell it resides in.

Customer care my arse , more like how can we cut out more need for Support and Support Staff and increase profits .

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It’s certainly their best OS so far, plagued by horrible privacy, EULA and a streak of botched updates.


Hell, the old Control Panel is still my go to for almost everything.

Eventually it will entirely be moved into the new settings app, eventually. MS is taking their time about it.

No doubt though, 10 has been the best so far. I just wish we power users could pull out more of the fluff when we want to.


Yea I jumped at web stuff initially at how cool it can be, but to be honest it seems like a totally over-blown industry. The size of the average high-end webpage these days makes me cringe. Just clear your browser cache and watch a gigabyte come back…ouch.


That damn USB EHC / ExHC murdering , debacle of a Update , was like trying to solve the riddle of the Sphinx. I was very near Homicidal by the time the cause was found , and out right ready to inflict serious harm when it dawned on me what the only real FIX for it was going to be on my end .

I can not have two USB Ports down for a day or two, much less 2 of my 4 , 2.0 and 3.0 controllers for 2-3 months while the BORG get the fix through damn WHQL and every other Bureaucracy cert and Job justifying Corporate Stooge required to get it to me.

I got me the nicest worded " if you ever post anything like that again on our forums / Pages we will ban your entire DNA STRAIN till the end of time", email I ever received from anyone . :innocent:

Totally concur , what they did not strip from the handful of decent tools and like we had access to outright, they buried so deep one would need a Professional Mining Teams help to get too.

I feel your pain to, Control Panel is damn near the only thing I bother with any more, unless its something critical that needs be done.

Blame Apple.

MS had to idiot proof it because Apple did. The number of times I’ve heard a user whine to me “why can’t this work like my Mac at home, it’s sooo much easier…” when I’m telling them about a setting in control panel (not regedit or anything, just control panel) is close to the number of operations done per second by a mainframe.

Apple made laptops slim and shiny without access panels, so now Dell and Lenovo and the rest stopped having removable batteries in their laptops. They still have lousy life, and swell, and die, and need replacing or just popping them out and back in because the power system needs a reset, but now it’s a lot more work to do.

Apple’s philosophy has been “don’t make the user understand the tool they use, just make it work like magic…because you know the user is a total idiot and magic is impressive” and now it is infecting the entire tech world. I’m shocked the Cisco OS hasn’t already moved from command line to gestures or blinks or something. They are SOOOO 1980s.


That’s the beauty of CLIs, expecially those that follow the GNU paradigm of “do one thing well”. Want to do something, just take the right tool in bash, if you don’t remember the exact params, there’s -h or the man page. No sieving through 20 tabs to find out where that one mask you’re looking for is.

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