Mil Mi8 Tips & Tricks or how to be a better Hipster

Spent a couple of hours with my new toy last night. Did the cold start a few times and have it down pretty well.

Now I’m having a little problem that I assume is down to me but I’m having trouble nailing down what I’m doing wrong… I don’t have much experience with helicopters in general so please please assume I’m doing the wrong thing rather than the module having a fault or anything unusual.

I can take off fairly smoothly. Fly around fairly smoothly at slow speed and higher speed. Bit when I slow down I get a vibration through the tail (I think) that grows in strength and seemingly can’t be stopped until. It eventually snaps the tail off. I’ve tried steering into it. Away from it. High low power everything that I can think of. Sometimes it seems to calm down and go away but most of the time it intensified until snapping. It seems to be mainly when I slow down or lose height so I guess it’s power or torque related.

I love the module and not complaining I just want a rotor head to give me some tips if possible. Like I said in all honesty it’s definitely something I’m doing wrong so I’m open to suggestions. I’ll upload a video later if I get finished at work early enough.

Anyway thanks :blush:

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Sounds like you are flying into your own turbulent air. Perhaps take a bit longer to slow down and descend?

That’s strange. I’ve flown the Mi-8 quite a bit and, while it is very easy to get into VRS, I have never had the tail snap unless I physically impacted something.

I’ll upload a video later. It honestly surprised me how violent it is. That’s why I asked as I’ve some experience with helicopters in real life and not had this before. I think @schurem is correct and it’s turbulence tbh but it’s the onset and duration that worries me. The only way I can describe it is the rotors feel like they go out of balance and set up a precession that shakes it to bits.

Well, I just had my first go in the hip in several months, and nope, I can’t land that thing and leave it in a reusable state for the life of me. Wow.

This’ll take some patient and determined exercising to grow into a proper Hipster :smiley:

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Sounds very strange. Compared to ka50 and huey the hip has a very pronounced vibration when transitioning from low to high speed and most notably from high to low speed… I think its signifying the gaining or loss of translational lift.

When slowing down the vibration is a good indicator that more collective will soon be needed and make sure you still have rotor speed to account.

However as above, I can’t recall losing the tail boom to the vibration.

Looking forward to seeing how this is happening.

Maybe @Victork2 is to hip as @Hangar200 is to Viggen?


I never had the tail boom issue in flight but i have had retreating blade stall

I think your giving the bird too much power. Those engines are very powerful. Use the engine power guide to help you keep in limits lower (lower left on the pilots console its got 2 vertical bars and 3 yellow pegs)
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… Aaand another crash, this time definately VRS. @Victork2 we be brothers in crash here :smiley: failed hipsters so far.

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On an unrelated note. The only time I’ve actually landed the hip was when I thought I was going to crash land again and gave up control and the bloody thing survived!

If your keen to learn the Mi8 here is a video of me picking up troops. I have the control indicator on the screen so you can see where the controls should be at various stages of flight. When the arse kicks out in the video is when I am about to go into VRS and save it with a bit ot collective and some pedal dancing

And here are some others covering various aspects of the Hip

And if you want to listen to some grateful dead whilst learning


Wicked thanks @cib!

Sounds to me like missing bit of a main rotor blade. What will lead to putting the rotor out of balance. What will lead to increasing vibrations. What will lead to disintegration.

Arent your slow downs too aggressive? Like pulling cyclic too much that the main rotor meets the tail boom?

How about MP seanse tonight?

I found this on Youtube and it works with the Mi-8 - Vuichard Recovery Technique - How to escape a Vortex Ring State

In the Mi-8, when you pull for max power available you stand a pretty good chance of tripping your generators off line and losing pitch and roll stability in the process. On ce you are out of the VRS ease back on the collective, the generators come back automatically - hit the Roll/Pitch stability button (I have it mapped) and you are back in business.


I haven’t broken my tail boom off…errr…not for this reason at least.

I’ve taken my attitude towards this from the sub title of the film “Dr. Strangelove” - to paraphrase it, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Vibration”.

I think, it is just a function of power and airspeed. I can usually take off just fine, and transition into forward flight with no vibrations. It is when I am coming into land that it becomes an issue. The strange thing is that when I look at my engine power pointers, they are usually nowhere near a max setting line…so theoretically I should be able to pull a heck of a lot more power…I’m not so sure.

Try the first mission of the Mi-8 campaign that comes with the mod. There is one landing that is in a valley near a stream. The challenge is to come down over a ridge line and get slow as you descend to the LZ. The valley isn’t too narrow but you do need to watch your speed and I had to make a couple of descending “laps” - which brought the tail rotor into action (pedal turns). I wen through several heavy vibrations and got close to VRS at least once.

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I tried this and my goodness it works !!! you have to give it quite a handful of collective and “sideslip” for want of a better word but this was invaluable tonight thanks @Hangar200 great post!

now i still crashed but i’m 100% percent making progress with it. its very satisfying getting the basics a bit more correct each time

i also set up my curves etc according to @Chuck_Owl’s awesome guide and that made me feel more confident straight away with the takeoff and transition into forward flight, not so much lateral movement and much more positive movements

everyone has been great helping me, thanks so much guys, ill keep updating my progress as i make it.


My work here is done. :grin:


@Victork2 to me it sounds like you are experiencing the main rotors chopping off your tail rotor. This could be checked easily by watching the replay. I think this because you say the shaking is very intense. You would only get the rotating motion after slowing down some more.
The fix is to, as others suggested, be very gentle on the stick and take quite some time and distance to slow down. For me it helps to imagine another chopper trying to fly formation with you.

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I’ve looked and it doesn’t seem to be this causing it. I’m 99% it’s vrs in the deceleration causing it. It intensifies from barely noticeable to extreme in the space of about 5-10 seconds and I’ve noticed I lose height gradually bit this speeds up until I’ve lost the ability to recover.

Its really quite fascinating Learning a whole new way of aviating.

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Oh yes, sounds like VRS now you say it that way…
You should really fly the Mi-8 more like it’s a 737 (with regards to approach and glideslope) than like a UH-1H, at least until you are in a solid hover.
Once you are in a hover, check the power gauges that Cib pointed out earlier: if you are overloading the engines, it won’t last long.

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I can vouch for this working in the Huey as well. I’ve tried in the Mi-8 but never got it working…probably because I forgot the Hip’s rotors spin opposite the Huey’s, meaning I need to cross-control opposite of what I’m used to.