MilviZ F-100D Multiplayers

Interested in doing F-100 formation flights

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Welcome to MUDSPIKE Velcro.

I’d join you gladly, but moved on to MSFS 2020. Hopefully, one day MilViz will update their Hun and Phantom to MSFS, but in their last video the say that it would be too much work in the current state of the SDK.

What acft are you flying in 2020 ? The MilViz T-45c looks pretty cool, the Corsair as well. Not really up to date on the progress of the F-15 and F-18 for 2020. I just put 2020 in my home sim about two weeks ago. Disappointed that it is single screen, although my center screen is a 32.5" curved screen. Haven’t tried VR goggles.