Mirage questions

Hi Fellas and Felines,
In preparation for the immanent release of the F1, I am having a play with the M2000C. I have not been in this bird in some time. My first day went well learning the INS bit and cold starting. I then launched a few Snake Eyes after cold starts. However today I encountered a problem. No Pitch ladder. The HUD seems pretty devoid of symbiology. Yes, its on and there is some stuff on there but not much. The main deal is the Pitch ladder is gone and without it I find it hard to fly. There is no Alt, Speed or anything else for that matter. I don’t know if it is self inflicted or what. When I get in a Hot Mirage everything works. So my cold start must be flawed.
The other problem I have is talking to my wingman. I have assigned UHF and VHF push to talk buttons but they dont bring up the menu. Only Comms does this.

We are at F1 minus 5… Exciting times.



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For the HUD, it sounds like an INS problem.
After INS alignment is done, switch INS to NAV mode and the HUD should show normal symbology.

For the radios, did you turn them on? If you did, try looking for different bindings, could be something to do with VOIP / comms menu.

INS could be the culprit… Radios are on. Comms 2 works and I can get the tower. Comms 1… Not so much… I cant talk the the wingie.

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Did you check freqs of your preset channels and and the wingman in the ME?

Are you sure you are using the radio you think you are using? Green is bottom V/UHF radio and has channels and manual input, red is top UHF radio, channels only.

I hopped back into the Mirage as well last night, and had a similar issue- but then I think I blew something in the electrical system while waiting for the INS to finish aligning- lost all the displays, and got warnings for the battery, both alternators, and a few other electrically-powered systems; unfortunately, none of the circuit breakers appear to be functional though. I should note that this was on generator power, after I’d disconnected from the ground power. I’ve checked the forums and Hoggit, and haven’t seen this repeated yet, but I saved the track and will probably submit it for review to the bug tracker in a bit- I’ll let you know if I hear anything back.


Thank You both fellas! I am just back from the Mall. Had me a great day. I am about to check them Freqs, @Freak … See what i did there :wink:

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That actually sounds like a drained battery.

Do you have an APU and was it on? Were the engines running? If for some reason your generator (APU or Engine) isn’t connected to the aircraft busses, then you will be left with battery power until it runs out, even if you have the generator available.

It will look a lot like what you described.


Problems Fixed! The Bottom (Green) Radio is all we need. I preset my wingie on 2 (cos he is number 2) and ATC on Preset 1. Works like a charm. I had the freqs wrong. And yes, I was an ARMY Radioman. So thanks for the help @Freak .
As far as the HUD. I was just rushing the alignment. Once I did everything by the book, it came up solid. Its just attention to detail on the INS startup.

Thank You for your support guys!



I use external power just to be safe. But thanks @Deacon211 . I like to call tower for startup and turn on lights ect… So I start the battery, crank up a radio and ask for startup. I then ask Ground crew for a hookup to juice then go from there.

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That was my thought too, but the engine was running, and the alternators were up and in operation (warning lights off) as well. And I was sitting at an engine RPM that should’ve been running the onboard generator, and as far as I can tell, there’s no way in the cockpit to disconnect individual AC or DC busses from the main generator bus (or no bus tie breakers that I found, anyway).

I didn’t realize my version wasn’t updated last night, so I’m updating right now, and will try to duplicate here in a bit.

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Sounds like you are correct in that it
may be a bug then.

The only time I’ve had that happen in a plane, the guy I was instructing turned the Gen switches off as per the post start test, but then forgot to turn them back on despite saying so.

Be interesting to know what you find.

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So, after update, didn’t have the same issue when conducting the full startup in the same manner- must’ve been a bug. That, or I’m wondering if I popped the throttle out of cutoff before I should have, due to the new engine model.