Missing my live music so much

Big music fan here, massive music fan in fact, play guitar and keyboard as a side journey, enjoy it very much.

One of my biggest passions covid and the first lock down robbed us all of was seeing live Music with my friends … massive loss, but close to 2 years later 18 months perhaps … but still a long time, the live music scene seems to be picking up again in Scotland, all my postponed ones are still due to go ahead next year, but this year, later in this year should see one or two, hope so, hotel in Glasgow is booked, super excited :slight_smile:

Its been a long time, it really has have better phone camera now, keen to test it out too.

This was from a few years ago, the Australian Pink Floyd Show at Glasgow Hydro.

Cant wait, its gonna be fun.


It may seem a strange suggestion. Go and see the musical ‘Come from Away’. Phoenix Theatre London. Worth the plane, coach or train journey even from Inverness. Mega Bus Gold can be very cheap (route via Aberdeen if unavailable in Inverness). All about events in Gander Newfoundland on and after Sept 11th relating to aircraft passengers and crew plus the folk who looked after them when the airspace was shut down.

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Probably been 10 years since I went to see anything live. I think it was Weird Al. Just became so much harder once the kids came along and we moved somewhere where you need to drive at least an hour to get to the venues.

Last BIG concert was in the 90s, when I went to all the big ones I saw. Billy Joel, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Genesis, Rolling Stones, Bee Gees…
Missed seeing Nirvana and Pink Floyd back then, still kicking myself, didn’t know it would be the last time either was touring of course!

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Big Floyd fan here.

Have seen the real original Pink Floyd at London’s Earls Court, pulse tour where they recorded the live DVD and album in 1994 … but not that night, they played 2 weeks there, ours was a Saturday night, awesome show. This was after Roger Waters had left of course, but still one hell of a band without him.

Few years ago got to see Roger Waters 2 nights on the trot at Glasgow, magnificent and slightly later that year Nick Masons Saucerful of Secrets that focuses on mostly older Floyd material, enjoyed it way better than I thought it would, can recommend this show to anyone with an interest in Floyd … I know they plan to tour again.

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I know they are preparing for a US Tour right now. Their guitarist send us inquiries about some gear last week. He is in the process of building his pedal board atm :slight_smile:

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Awesome, go see them if you can :+1:

Unfortunately I am based in Germany, otherwise I would love to. But they might come to Europe afterwards at some point (when the pandemic allows for it). I will keep my eyes open.

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