Mmmm...delicious new, clean drive

So even though I bought the drive many months ago, I hadn’t gotten around to installing my new(ish) 500GB SSD that I picked up last fall. I didn’t have any SATA cables around, and I ordered them, and then they got buried in the middle sedimentary layer of my desk. Discovered them today, and decided today was the day.

I unplugged everything, and also took the opportunity to vacuum my CPU fans and blow out the inside with compressed air. In my fooling around…I realized something that I never knew before…did you know CoolerMaster’s have a screen/duct on the bottom?? LOL…I never thought to turn my CPU on the side and look at the bottom. Sure enough, that bottom filter was caked with dust…(this was after I cleaned it)… Who knew?

So now I have 500GB (err…well, 465 GB) of SSD dedicated to X-Plane. Woohoo!


Quick question - I have all six available SATA slots on my motherboard occupied now - is there a way to further expand SATA slots?

There are pci cards that does that called SATA expansion card.

Hows your boot time now? mine is 10 sec from bios to windows desktop

Well, I’ve always had SSDs - I have 3 of them now - so my OS was always on an SSD (or at least for the past several years)…so I’m not going to see any improvement in that regards.

Well, I’m sure you can improve it with new standards. Running Sata III?