Mobile Login Issues?

I haven’t been able to log in for like the last week on the mobile side of the forums, and unhelpfully it states “Unknown Error” when I try. Just wondering if anyone else has been having issues, or if its on my end.

Just logged out and logged back in on my phone. No issues. I have a S3 if that helps.

I have a Samsung S7 with Firefox as browser, and I use it every day to post here. So far no problems.

I’m on an iphone, I probably should have mentioned that lol I’ll mess around more over the weekend, see if I can’t figure out whats up.

Are you real or a bot?
If you are real: welcome! :slight_smile:

So this seems to be isolated to Safari on mobile devices. At first I thought that it was a daily behavior, but now realize that I’m having to do it every time Safari loses focus.

I hate to complain, especially with your exorbitant salaries. @mods and admins, does anyone know if it will be resolved or do you recommend that we install another browser? Thank you.

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New update has been deployed. I have no idea if it fixes this or not :slight_smile:


Well there are always three possibilities.
It breaks something, it stays the same, or it fixes it. :crazy_face:



Seems to be working for me…

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Yea, so far seems okay!
I’ll try flushing the browser cache on my phone if it crops up again so I get a fresh copy of the site files.

Works fine on my phone as well.

Mine too.

First time using my phone. And it is not because I am feeling adventurous…

A power surge took out my router at 9:00 pm last night and with Five allegedly internet capable phones I could not get into the site. All of them could view the Homepage but three of them would give me a blank page and the other two could view the forums but every time I tried to Login I got the wrong username or password error message. Had just about given up hope when I accidentally found that I could change from mobile viewing to desktop viewing. It is a bear to use this way but it is better than not being able to Login at all.

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Going to be a challenge using a phone until the 6th…