Modded my gaming seat quite drastically today

I guess this belongs here, no pics yet, but not long back from hours of virtual flying and so far so good, will post pics soon.

Basically and what it is, have a Noble Chair Hero leather edition I bought fairly recently (that was quite expensive and thus dreaded to mod) that has been fantastic and very comfortable/micro adjustable for my spine disability and easy to mod for a side by side HOTAS situation with appropriate Monstertech controller side mounts, TM Warthog throttle I still swear by with slew mod on the left and on right, Virpil MT50 CM2 with a TM Hornet grip and as by luck when I bought a Virpil Collective found I had enough left over Monstertech alloy beam stuff and nuts n bolts etc from other stuff … and managed to get the Virpil Collective mounted very ergonomically to side of chair very quickly indeed :slight_smile:

However, also have the older Virpil original MT50 base (that is still awesome) that I use my Virpil curved extension in use with TM’s Warthog stick for a middle chair longer throw stick for WW2/WW1 stuff and general Helo flying too … and if anyone’s been paying attention, that Warthog grip looks almost the same as a Viper F-16 grip and should be on the side and my TM Hornet grip should be in the middle, but for me, this is the most comfortable arrangement I can find and with in the limitations of adjustment on this chair … I’m happy :slight_smile:

Old MT50 base with curved extension I could never get it close enough at right height to feel comfortable and realised I had to do some drastic surgery to my chair to accommodate it.

What I did was carve carefully out of base of leather seat a place … about 10mm smaller each side for my desk mounted WW1/WW2 older Virpil MT50 base to slide into when its mounted to my desk with one of Monstertech’s excellent mounts, an lo and behold its working fine, chair grips it and this helps side by side rudder pedal swivelling and fighting in combat sims, helps a bit in back and forth traditional chair castor sliding back and forth too.

Very pleased with this mod, have some leather on order already to patch up the square I cut out of my seat pad, seems like vandalism, but this is far more practical for simulation for me.


C’mon, @B12! I need to see it! :wink:




Soon :slight_smile:

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