Model airplane suggestions?

So I got dragged into Hobby Lobby the other day by my wife and was thinking what am I going to do in here to kill some time. Then I remembered they have model cars and airplanes so I grabbed my 4 year old son and told my wife we’d be in the back looking at model kits. My son LOVES planes and helicopters (not sure where he gets that from?). He immediately grabbed onto an AH-64A that thankfully was an easy snaptite kit.

Anyway, it got me thinking… it would be cool to do an F/A-18C model for my desk to celebrate the DCS release. Does anyone have any experience/recommendations on good kits for the Hornet? The last time I did a model was over 25 years ago so my experience level is on the low side :smile:

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@Tankerwade will say P-47

the correct answer is Tomcat.

EDIT: Whoops, I misread this, sorry.

Tamiya, Hasegawa, and Academy all make some nice model kits in different scales. Revel makes some decent ones for a better price as well. I usually go to when I’m looking for my next model kit.

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Score! That site is great… pics, reviews etc. Will help me decide.


I think your idea of the F/A-18C is it. That way you both build the jet as the sim jet is released and you start operating it on the computer. PAINT it!

Beware, your computer costs are going to double for a bit… :slight_smile:

Yeah, funny thing is he has a toy A-10 and AV-8B and of course he’s flown both of those in DCS already. He also has an F/A-18 and he frequently asks me “daddy, can I fly this one?”. I always have to answer him with “two more weeks son, two more weeks”. :wink:

I knew it…

If I was doing a C it would be this -,8&sc=48 has by far the easiest searchable site in the scale modeling industry. The prices are very good, but any search for what is available starts there before you price hunt.

Https:// is the most comprehensive, but it is in the UK so its design is one that only a Spitfire loving scion of the empire could navigate.

Hope that helps


If i were doing a c it would be this


So I wussed out on the model. I just don’t have the time to spend on one now and I think my son would get bored during the time it takes for gluing, painting, etc.

I decided to go the diecast route and picked up a Hobby Master F/A-18C. Wow! The quality and detail on these things is outstanding.