Monitor dilemma

What it is recently bought a new Ultrawide screen 49" curved and I should have known better, sure it was a massive upgrade in many ways over my Samsung 4K TV.

4k is the magic number, but most screens of lover resolution look just as good and actually perform better with less pixles, slightly less.

Seems crazy, just bought a new Samsung 49" Ultra wide curved, its the pixel resolution I’m not happy with 3840x1080, dont get me wrong its fantastic in Flight sims, love its 144Hz refresh rate, its an awesome monitor really.

But looking to replace it with this one next week, its a 49" ultra wide screen again , but higher pixel density of 5120 x 1440 but also a big leap in Hz refresh rate, this monitor has 144hz and I can detect it over a TV 60Hzin gaming, will 240Hz be better, is it a sliding scale thing?

One things for sure, cant go back to 60Hz refresh again and that includes big 4K TV’s as a monitor.

This is what I’m buying, want to do it right this time, this is as good as it gets, yes? Leaving it until Monday to buy, so please suggest something better if you know please.

That Samsung Odyssey monitor looks really great but be sure to check LG OLED and Samsung QLED TVs as they can push 4K in 120Hz.


I can see and feel the difference between 60 and 120 hz.

It depends greatly on the application. Shooters benefit a lot due to reduced input lag, smoother movement and so on. Flight sims - not so much but it also can‘t hurt.

But going from 120 to 144 or even higher is starting to become less and less noticeable/important. So you might want to focus on other aspects instead.

YMMV ofc.

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I’m not a fan of ultrawide monitors. Looking at a monitor with such a narrow vertical field of view actually makes me wince a little. It might be okay for car racing sims but I don’t think it’s optimal for combat flight sims.

My two cents.


Monitor review, nothings perfect of course, but want this badly

Think I’m gonna go for this now, we only live once.

The monitor you are going to replace is basically a 1080p ultrawide monitor. The added pixels only come from the wider screen, hence your ‘problem’ with pixel density.
The ppi (pixels per inch) value is very important if you want a sharper image as opposed to a slightly blurred one. Values around 100 are good.

Personally I find 1080p vertically is good up to about 27” high (talking about 16:9 model for reference), but certainly no larger.
And even 27” would already be nicer at 1440p especially for flightsimming.
So your new monitor will provide a sharper image for sure.

That said, I am not a fan of ultrawide either. It gives me the impression I am looking through a mailslot. I prefer 16:9, but obviously thats personal.

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