Monitor Suggestions

Black Friday deals are upon us. I am in the market for a new monitor.

Currently running a HP27" 1920x1080

Im looking to stay at 27 or maybe go to 32" I would like a curved as well. I would not mind going to 1440 but I can happily stay at 1080.

Any good monitors in a decent price range?

Also I have found alot of monitors with AMD freesync. I am assuming i just wont use free sync with a Nivida card. My card is a Asus 2080 super

About a year ago I bought following Samsung for 200€ (I guess the list price was 300€.

I was not expecting much for the price, but it turned out to be great for work and media use. Only thing to complain is lack of height adjustment.

Bottom line: very good display for the price.

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