Monster Tech are getting expensive

I seem to be in a moaning mood tonight, so thought I would finish as I started :slight_smile:

What it is, was an early adopter of Monster Tech in Germany, bought mounts for my TM HOTAS controllers, but as always, life moves on and we try new gear, still happy with my Monster Tech TM Warthog throttle desk clamp, the stick clamp however was for my TM Warthog stick base (round Base) and I had subsequently bought a Virpil TM50 Mongoose base and stick, bought the Virpil stick desk clamp too … its solid, it is fine, but it stands proud of the desktop at the surface, not ideal in my situation unfortunately … I’ve went on to use the TM Hornet grip now, but no difference, have been making do for a bit as seen in my pics, this is far from ideal, so contacted Monster Tech and they pointed me to their solution, it’s a little bit of steel folded twice … and the price they want is, with postage of only option to UK, in excess of £50, totally ridiculous.

Monster Tech have some great hardware HOTAS innovative idea’s, but the prices, these days, lorks a lordy :slight_smile: I wish them all success of course, some of their gear looks great, but crazy in price too.

This is my current grip situation, LOL … and I sent this pic to Monster Tech too …

And Monster Techs solution is this tiny bit of metal … that costs £32.93 inc vat they say, put it in my basket and its €55.93 that equates to UK pound much the same value … and that’s almost £50, in US prices thats $62 + and it might cost more to post there?

This is the small adapter they produce that costs so much money :frowning:


THAT bracket allows you to use VPC bases with MT mounts made for TM HOTAS. Yeah, I hated the fact that shipping costs about the same as the part. But it allowed me to enjoy my MT investment a bit longer. I really like their stuff, although they have some competition now. I justify it by knowing the simming is a lot cheaper than other man toy hobbies.

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I hear ya Chip, once or twice this week I thought … accch just buy it and I’ll never deal with these guys again … can easily afford it of course, but it’s the principle, it grates me they are charging so much for a tiny bit of twice folded metal that must cost pennys to make, the price is ludicrously high for what it is in the first place, the postage too, buy often from mainland Europe, USA … even the far East, how they can factor in a shipping price of £17 from Germany to UK is quite beyond me.

Total price of £50+ for something so small … no can do, its not happening … I’ll find my own solution. I have my limits.

Apart from my first order of Stick and Throttle mounts, have ordered two spacers for each mount for more grip from this company in the past, cant remember the prices, but thought it was silly money, and did it, did it then but not this time.

I feel a bit let down by this company, recommended them pretty much everywhere on the internet FS community when they started, and all I see now is massive price hikes and no consideration for old customers.

No way am I paying £50 + for this, that’s a bridge to far for me.

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You’d actually be surprised at some manufacturing costs. If you’re making hundreds or thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of these pieces, yes they will probably cost less than a dollar/pound a piece (assuming sheet metal, no exotic materials or finishes, etc.). If you’re only getting 5-10 in an order, price can go up pretty quickly. With a markup, £32.93 isn’t unreasonable. Still a hard pill to swallow though.

Source: Mechanical engineer who’s ordered lots of prototyping parts.

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It is not the size it is most likely the small volume that causes the price to be so high. Setup cost is the same for one piece or one thousand typically.

See that Roo made the same point.
My experience is from the manufacturing side.


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I don’t like to volunteer others but if anyone can do that, it’s @Troll.

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@B12, how is that bracket supposed to help? It’s almost the same as the bracket that comes with the VPC stick, isn’t it?

What are the dimensions of that MonsterTech mount and how far from that mount must the base unit sit?

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It fits the end of the aluminum profile that MT uses perfectly and includes the additional little hardware pieces to make mounting the VPC base a snap.

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Ok. Is that the 80x40 extrusion bit that the bracket is secured to?
Is it 80x40, BTW?

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