So last month I finally broke down and bought a fairly good camera. Not like professional grade or anything, but something I’d be able to take some good shots with out hiking and stuff. I didn’t want to have to mess with lenses, so I bought a super zoom capable Nikon P900:

With an 83x zoom, you can get pretty up and personal with stuff…but you also need to be pretty steady at that zoom level unless you are using a tripod.

So tonight I saw the moon out back and shot a few pictures. I didn’t color correct them…the moon appears a bit more white than yellow in the photos…but I was pretty impressed for the detail even though I was holding the camera by hand. Nothing compared to what our friend @PaulRix is capable of with his kit…LOL…

This guy has a pretty good video demonstrating the super-zoom capabilities of the P900:

I’m gonna enjoy this camera I think… :smiley:



These shots are better than what I could accomplish with my cheap DSLR + 300mm + Tripod.


Isn’t it spelled Mun? :wink:

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I think i crash landed there many times… damn you Jeb

Mün is also allowed, but kinda hoity toity, IMHO.

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(and yes, I really like that song)

That looks like a very nice camera Chris. Your Moon photos are excellent! At some point I am going to have to get back into the astro-imaging hobby. I haven’t set up in over a year now.


Don’t remind me. I bought a special camera to use with my telescopes a few years ago, and used it, like, twice since then. :frowning:

Look into a monopod for it, they collapse and some include a swivel mount.

Also, I highly recommend the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. For $10 a month you get the latest and greatest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom. Lightroom alone is worth the price of admission IMHO. The advantage of the subscription plan is that you will always have the latest versions and you don’t have to fork out hundreds of dollars to buy them outright.

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Nice shots! I tell you what, when the US Gub’mint makes a sound stage to fake moon landings, they spare no expense, at all! :wheels_smiley: