More insane drone racing

This looks so awesome…

The story:



Do that in first person perspective looks crazy. I wonder how often they collide with each other, and if some sort of head-positioning (VR headset style) would help. Awesome video though.

The more I see these videos the more I want to try it. :slight_smile:

The first national drone race was just held recently. Videos embedded in the link above.

Next level drone flying…

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They crash a lot.

I was pretty heavy into it for a couple of years, but realized that at my age, my reflexes were a few hundredths of a second behind what was needed to keep up with the young pups. I ended up repairing my race drones way more than flying, so I dropped out of the league and stick to freestyle, micros around the house, and camera ship flying. Low stress.

It’s a lot of fun when you aren’t a slave to the soldering iron.


Love the last half :slight_smile:

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