MSFS 2020 controller issues

Lots of controllers here as same as most enthusiasts I guess.

I’m not complaining again, but things in this sim really are far from perfect still, couple of quickies before I get on to my main beef :slight_smile: How do you map FA/18 Hornet hook in settings? Air Brake too? Can it be done? Engage afterburner too, it says press 1 (I think for that?) can it be mapped to my HOTAS set up some how?

This is Xbox or is it Playstation stuff creeping in here perhaps?

Honest questions.

My main beef is rudder control sensitivity, its like a skating ring dancing on ice lesson, its not realistic and its not fun, have looked at controller settings and adjusted both ways to extremes, it just wont stick … in FSX and P3D its fine.

Other thing too is trim wheel sensitivity, my Honeycomb Bravo trim wheel is basically an on and off switch, in FS2020 and NOT in FSX or P3D it needs a few nudges and spins before FS2022 see’s and reacts to it, its just immersion ruining stuff for the GA type of Flying I like to do these days … Same if i set an electric trimmer switch on my HOTAS, watching response in sim, it takes ages for sim to respond, both visually and physically, this is hopeless.

I really think the controller scheme built into FS2020 is a bit convoluted and takes some learning, its not intuitive by any manner or means, by pure luck and hours upon hours, am getting quite close to my perfect GA profile now, but honestly its been one long head ache getting thus far, it shouldn’t be this way.

If I could just get my Rudders and Honeycomb Bravo trim sensitivity sorted, would be delighted.

Starting to invest some serious flying hours into the sim at last and having fun.

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