MSFS 2020 or another DCS Module?

So it’s a new month, and I’m itching to spend my “gaming budget” for September. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to decide if I should invest in my first paid DCS 2.5 module or get MSFS 2020. Been trawling this forum and people are saying that while FS is beautiful, the “lack of a mission” may make it boring after a while.

Yet, on some days, I find myself just starting up the TF-51 and take her out for a spin. I can’t seem to decide what I want!

But if I’m getting a DCS module, that’s another rabbit hole to go down, what aircrafts? Should I get the Syria map? and it goes on and on…

The chance of half price modules for DCS will be just round the corner with an autumn sale, also as nice as Syria is it will be flying around in your Tf 51 or su25 till you get a new plane.
Unless the bundle that sold Syria with the hornet is available.

Are the sales usually also on Steam?

Yes. But not necessarily exactly the same.
Also keep in mind that Steam users are often a bit later with patches.

As for what to get: I vote FS2020 here.
DCS is nice and all, but if you have the PC to fly it (including the space on an SSD, same for DCS btw) and enjoy just flying around doing some sightseeing, then FS2020 is marvelous.

I would buy DCS on the site. You get your stuff earlier, they have better sales and they don’t have to pay 30% steam tax.

Does MSFS have fast planes yet? One of the joys of DCS for me is hurtling along at Mach 2 with my hair on fire.

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No supersonic planes yet.
At least not officially. There are some mods.

If you are not into civilian simming and then it should be a pretty easy answer.
On the other hand I only paid $79 for it and for that I got the entire world, real world weather and traffic with the world detail on a scale unlikely to be seen in DCS due to the way it has been partly AI created. That is less than 2 full price DCS modules!

The aircraft are a work of art and like anything you can challenge yourself. The landing challenges are one thing but if you went to indonesia you will find many tiny airstrips on the side of mountains and if you go in a Cessna 172 the challenge is realising you don’t have the power to get you out of tricky situations.
If you prefer military aircraft and blowing things up then probably not for you.

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@schurem hmm yeah, I’ve read lots of views that better to purchase via the website but it has slower download speeds. But heck, for better prices, why not. LOL.

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@MigBuster I like flying both fast and slow. LOL so that’s the dilemma. Hmm guess you are right, I could challenge myself with dirt strips and pretend that I’m inserting some CIA operatives to destabilize countries. hahahah

I’m starting to feel that I might just end up getting both a module and MSFS. Argh!!! My wallet begs for mercy!

Oh yes, and to make matters worse, il2 are running a sale at the moment. If you do VR and like to turn & burn in machines with spiny bits at the front, you owe it to yourself to get a piece of that action.

I would get Microsoft game pass, I believe it’s $1 for the first month. This will allow you to play the standard version of MSFS 2020.

Then wait for the upcoming DCS sale, which should be soon, and buy a new module or 5.

If doing the DCS route I would by direct from them. As previous people have said you get faster updates and fixes. Also steam doesn’t always have the early access stuff.


My personal view is this. I get bored in Xp11 so I imagine I’ll get bored in MS2020 as well after the novelty wears off.
I never get bored in DCS. Ever. The aircraft feel alive, the maps feel more interesting and you can be belting along at mach 2 feeling invincible and a missile will come and slap you senseless if you stop concentrating.
Plus it has the added benefit of free BFM lessons from crazy Dutch people and you normally need to go to university and join the air force for that sort of experience.
DCS…take more of my money I love you


Another vote(s) for:

“wait for a sale”

“Get game pass”


“Check out IL2”

Also agree with avoiding steam for DCS or Il2. I love steam, but dont regret committing to the respective first party stores/platforms there.

So, get game pass now, and tool around for a bit in MSFS for a bit till the dcs sale, then jump in there.


oohh, I like this idea. Yups! gonna get the microsoft game pass! genius! thanks!


+1 for above tips. Definitely don’t pay full price for a DCS module. They go on sale frequently.

THE ONLY EXCEPTION, I think the F-14 is worth every penny at $79.99. It’s far above anything else in terms of flight modeling, graphics, features, and systems. It’s also getting another variant (the A), a campaign, and a new carrier in the near future.


Eagle Dynamics recently invested in a new content delivery network (CDN) provided by CDN77. The downloads speeds are no longer dial-up slow like they had with the old Torrent or HTTP method from their own servers. The new CDN can provide downloads speeds up to 750Mbps that I have personally had. Your own internet bandwidth will more likely be the chokepoint now, or a trunk line along the way - if you don’t have fibre optic. This only came in to play in the past few months so you won’t see much review or information about it.

ED provides better sales prices, sooner on their own store. You also get “miles” rewards points towards future purchases. As stated by others, Steam can see delays in sales and releases as they have to negotiate or work with Valve who also takes a out 30% off their revenue. As such, the Steam sale discounts are not as steep sometimes by 10% or more.

I’ve happily switched from Steam to a non-steam install after the CDN came online and it’s been great!




For the cost of one full priced DCS module, you can get the whole world and a decent selection of civie aircraft. And it’ll grow into more later.

Downloaded and revved up MSFS 2020 last night using the Game Pass. It’s quite beautiful and fun. BUT, I can foresee myself getting bored of it soon. Maybe will keep the game pass for 2-3 months max.

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You should come and join us on Hollo pointe (@wes and @WreckingCrew run DCS servers) and @schurem’s fight club one evening. Beginner friendly servers that are great fun and will teach you a lot about the sim and the aircraft you fly.
Don’t believe @schurem when he says he’s learning as well. He is most definitely the teacher. :rofl: