MSFS Add-Ons & Releases (2022)


Yeah, a $35 PMDG FLUFF is awfully hard to ignore. I’m sure that the 700 is amazing and more apropos. But probably going to jump on the 600.

Why is it half price to the -700, any thoughts?

Well, there is no freighter version and it is a variant that isn’t in widespread use, so the market is probably smaller. I’m guessing the -800 will be the biggest seller by quite a margin.

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True, and also not have the BBJ version with champagne…

Maybe the 600 will be sort of a gateway drug to the 7 and 8. It will probably grab some folks who aren’t normally into airliners. I think that it’s a smart move.


Absolutely. At that price point they will open up the product to a much larger customer base.

I’m still going to stick with the 700 though ;).

Admittedly after the -800 comes out I’ll probably definitely pick that up and the -700 will likely retire for me. I could see myself getting the MAX but hopefully not dumping anymore cash down the PMDG 737 drain after that.

Their pricing model and release schedule for the 737 MSFS series is quite brilliant, in my opinion.

Sell the -700 first with the BBJ, cargo, and passenger models at full price to soak up those that like the -700 and, more importantly, those that will buy the 737-whatever just to get one in-game.

Next, release what is likely the least popular variant, the -600, as a passenger-only aircraft at a deeply discounted price as a gateway drug for those on the fence about high-fidelity aircraft or wary of the pricing.

Finally, release the most popular variant, the -800, at full price. I suspect the majority of their customers will wind up being owners of the -700 and -800, with a smaller amount either owning just the -600 or all three.

General Bug Fixes

  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title
  • Fixed a CTD caused by JS intercepting a key event after registering for the same key event interception more than once in a single instrument
  • Fixed crash when setting low altitude airways on the world map after updating packages
  • Disabled DX12 memory manager optimization on NVIDIA GPUs due to graphical corruption issues
  • Fixed a scenario where aprons can be missing after launching a flight
  • Fixed a scenario where haze layer could show up abruptly
  • Fixed tiles of grass sometimes appearing on asphalt surface
  • Drone camera speed increased to 200 by default
  • Toggling Taxi Ribbon no longer closes ATC window
  • NavBlue - Update to ARINC 2208
  • Fixed a scenario where VR would not render if HDR was enabled in OS
  • Fixed panel issue in DA-62 where Display Backup button was not functioning


  • Fixed tools compatibility issues with 3D Studio Max 2022
  • Fixed occasional CFG serialization failures in Aircraft Editor
  • Fixed random crashes when using the BehaviourDebug window
  • Fixed visual effect not reacting accordingly when live editing a graph
  • “-showFramerate” and “-showFramerateMini” command-line options now allow for displaying the FPS panel without need for the DevMode

VFR Map:

  • Resizing the VFR map should no longer induce a CTD

G1000 NXi:

  • Fixed bearing pointers not properly synchronizing with the external HUD overlay
  • Fixed issue where direct-to could erroneously use turn direction of target leg instead of picking shortest possible turn

Update on this anticipated freeware project.