MSFS Feature Discovery Series Episode 9: VR



I think they are crazy to do a big release on December 22nd, but it’s nice for everyone else I guess. Let’s see if Santa will punish the French for being so bold. :wink: Stuff from the video:

  • It uses something called ‘OpenXR’ which is the latest/greatest standard around VR APIs, so rather than aim for SteamVR or Oculus SDK etc, they all use the same API. No more SteamVR ‘bridge’ for your WMR headset on this one.

  • No mention of hand controllers, just a 3D mouse. It’s like they read everything @smokinhole wrote about flight sims and VR, covered it in gasoline and burnt it :fire:. No idea how likely it is to get full controller support, but you’d like to think it was coming, just not this year I guess from this video.

  • OpenXR on WMR has a nice reprojection mode that works at both 30 and 45 boundaries, even on a 90 Hz headset like the Reverb. The sim rendering at a target of 30 fps and you seeing 90 fps in the headset is an important bit of tech. MSFS runs well but it’s throwing huge resolutions around in VR, so somethings got to give. Because it’s not exactly fighter pilot ‘eyes on target’ stuff, reprojection seems a good fit for a general aviation sim like this (just like it works well with XP11 etc).

The trouble with VR is that once you get it all working nicely, it’s hard to go back, and then there’s always sliders to turn up (especially on this sim) so that i10 and 3080 Ti is going to burn a hole in lots of pockets.


Maybe they consider it a Christmas present for the community. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And it is totally OK with me. I wish I could do the same sometimes.



Judging from the short clips, it looks like the mouse and menus are going to be really well integrated with VR.
I’ve never really taken to using the handcontrollers in DCS or X-Plane, so for me, that’s on the positive list.
Now, if only the FPS dosen’t take a nosedive, this could be a very nice Christmas present. Fingers crossed!