MSFS2020 - IFR features discovery series ep. 8

Wow, I have been waiting to see how they deal with IFR and navaids and I am not disappointed! The sim will be updated with each airac cycle! The flight planning looks great too, I love the fluidity of the map.


Well that’s not in the least bit impressive. :dizzy_face:

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Flight planning tool looks really nice.

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That looked very nice indeed! I also really like the SID/STAR integration with the ATC.

I may have missed this but, doesn’t that imply, or make me think it implies, FS2020 will need to be subscription-based? Or am I late the to the party? Honestly not interested until, A) It’s stable, b) stable in VR, and c) I can actually run it in VR without spending another $3k+ on a new rig.

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Hi welcome to flight simming. None of these will ever be true. :slight_smile:


Yeah, by the time a) and b) are true, you’ll be three hardware generations behind and c) can’t possibly be true. :laughing:

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To answer the original question @jross, I don’t think they have said whether or not it will be subscription based, but I believe they mentioned it would be available on game pass(subscription service), so I guess it is subscription based? I havent been following development too closely though.

IIRC they said somewhere that both will be possible.

As for the video:
Now that’s what I call a simulation environment! Even if the planes were just FSX level this would be awesome.

I’m hip. What I really mean is…I’m gonna wait a while :wink:

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I’m trying really hard to not get over-hyped about this game. I’m trying, I really am :P. But this kind of video makes it extremely hard. The built-in flight planning is cool, but as more of an offline flyer, the robust ATC integration is really hyping me up (especially coming from x-plane 11). I already have a subscription to Game Pass for the family, so this will likely be a “free” game for me :).

And then the thought of eventually having Air Hauler support for FS2020… :drooling_face:

Yes, this. Been there, done that. Got the T-shirt (and beer Koozie)

This is excellent but, see above. I have a simple ‘quiz’ for it.


Sadly those are quite a bit bigger than the planes I like to fly, but I guess those will make a lot of summers very happy!

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PMDG always had its focus on airliners anyway. I think the smallest airplane they ever modelled was the 19 pax Beechcraft 1900. We’ll most likely have to wait for other 3rd parties to anounce that they will be working on FS2020 to see GA sized aircraft.

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Yeah I kinda expect Carenado, A2A and Aerosoft to quickly fill some spots there.

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I might have to jump on this just to fly the PMDG DC_6,One of my favorites from XPlane 10