MSFS2020 Soaring Thread

Don’t gliders usually have additional total energy variometers that also account for airspeed? So essentially it tracks if your combined potential + kinetic energy is increasing or decreasing? And isn’t the sound usually coupled to the total energy variometers, not the conventional ones?

Somehow I knew you’d be the one pointing out my oversimplification. :smiley:

Yes, you are right.

Edit: actually there are several different modes in common glider varios. Total energy is just one of them.


Guilty as charged. :smile:


So it tells you about the energy state of the aircraft?
Climbing while speed is decreasing is still low and steady tone?

Yes, those things are systems which can take several factors into account.

The most common modes are Netto and Total Energy.
I’ll quote the famous glider handbook so I don’t have to write it myself:

A glider lacking a compensated variometer
must be flown at a constant airspeed to receive an accurate
variometer indication.

Glider pilots call it the ‘stick thermal’.

A variometer with a total energy system senses changes in airspeed and tends to cancel out the resulting climb and dive indications (stick thermals). This is desirable because the
glider pilot wants to know how rapidly the air mass is rising or descending despite changes in airspeed.

and for Netto:

A variometer that indicates the vertical movement of the air mass, regardless of the glider’s climb or descent rate, is called a Netto variometer system.

Computerized (electronic) Netto variometers employ a different method to remove the glider performance polar sink rate from the variometer indication. In this type of system, sensors for both pitot pressure and static pressure provide airspeed information to the computer. The sink rate of the glider at every airspeed is stored in the computer memory. At any given airspeed, the sink rate of the glider is mathematically removed, and the variometer displays the rate of ascent or descent of the air mass itself.

Many gliders have at least two varios, or multiple pointers on one vario, to show more than one number.

Edit: the handbook has a few more details. Here is a link to chapter 4, which contains what I quoted above (and more).

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sweet old gliders which produce only sweeping sounds of winds :smile:


Nifty gadget!

Yeah, strictly speaking you don’t need all those bells and whistles. Old planes still fly, without TE varios or even MacCready rings. You can see, hear, and feel the climb after all.

There are also a lot of pilots who just turn the sounds off in the modern planes.
Sure, you might have to look at the instruments instead of outside, but you can afford to do that if you aren’t circling a thermal in one of those dangerous situations when a dozen planes is circling the same one (which rarely happens outside of competitions).

Oh, and just as a reminder to everyone reading this thread because right now I am feeling like a very sus impostor again:

Take everything I write here with a good amount of salt. My number of flight hours in real life gliders is single digit, I am mainly just an aviation nerd who likes to read about that stuff and talk to real pilots and use that knowledge in simulations, I am not a real pilot myself.


I had variometer tones as phone ringtones for quite a while - incredibly annoying for people nearby (including my wife) but distinctive and sometimes a conversation starter!


This ringtone had a similar effect.



I just wanted to ask: with the SU11 changes to gliders, are y’all are planning to release a new version of the DG808?

You probably already know what to do, but in case you don’t:

In this thread post #21 explain how to put the necessary stuff into the configs:

And of course you need the aircraft.cfg entry in the [FLTSIM.x] block that defines the new glider type:


And talking about your stuff: are you planning a new KineticAssistant version, now that the official stuff is coming in? I still see potential for the addon, but I can understand that y’all probably don’t want to code an applikation that will be redundant in a few weeks once Asobo improves their functions.

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We are updating cockpit model and textures atm, problem that I am busy with another project so progress goes quite slow (hope it will be ready near to holidays). It will be converted into native glider as well of course.

Personally, I wish to move existing functionality to built in panel, and add some (maybe useless) things on top. Problems: there is no data exchange functions in WASM (yet?) which makes impossible for competitions to work like they designed (JS has data T/R functionality but it unsecure), and there is still no WASM support for Xbox which is important for us.
So unlikely major KA updates/upgrades will happen in near 1-2 months, only maybe in direction of competitions (ANRI asking me to add different gates types and various tracking formats support for a long time).