Mudspike 3rd Annual DCS Fall Fly-In

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It’s been a year since our last Mudspike DCS Fall Fly-In. Although we might be stretching the definition of Fall a little, we will be hosting the 3rd Annual Mudspike DCS Fall Fly-In on the weekend of December 2-3, 2017. DCS World 1.5.X and 2.1.X servers will be running with various sandbox-style multiplayer missions. Server…


Count me in!

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When I saw this post I blurted out Fly-in funk yea! and the date to my wife in my best “stand back woman, this is what I do” voice.

She went in the other room muttering “Yeah maybe.”

So all in all I think it went well and I am looking forward to it.

Hey Beach do you think we will be Harrier-ing for it? Inquiring minds…


Hollo Pointe
v1.5.latest missions for COOP and if Red joins some H2H.
We will host -
Erl Sis
Kill Fighters
Kill Transports

And, of course -
The Highway


Well. I will.


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Just in time to have a fast moving strike airframe. Count me in!

I asked for that…


But to answer your question - I certainly hope so. I mean, the Harrier looks great and certainly seems pretty darn complete, but I’ve literally scratched 1% of what it does (engines and flight controls). I haven’t loaded a weapon yet, tried out the NAV stuff beyond TACAN, or really explored the MFDs at all. So you definitely can’t use my opinion as the judge of completeness.

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Looking forward to it. Stocking up on jack daniels for the evening, strong coffee for the early morning (or when jack d. hampers my speech too much) Berocca for when i wake, new earings fr the wife to let me have mancave weekend.

Ka-50, Mi-8, baguette, f-5, ABBA aeronautics, p51 and hopefully the av8.

Good times


I can fly SAR birds for all you fast air types :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, it could be a good way to showcase… uhm… those… how are they called… Personalized skins? :stuck_out_tongue:
Pluggity Plug!


I was thinking this…


Someone needs to provide a link to all of them. The way skins in multiplayer currently work is you can select whichever skin you like that is available to that country. Everyone with that skin installed will see it, everyone else will just see the default skin.

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I tell myself that every friggin’ day.

I got that covered…
I did one thread with the requests, one with the outcome and one with all the links…

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I spent at least 20 hours trying to get that stupid Su33 carrier mission to work just so I (yes “I”…because it’s all about ME) could play with the wonderful new Su33 model with friends. And it never happened :frowning: So, yeah, I am in if I get any of those days off and will try to schedule a slot to host it.

This could be useful to someone.


I’ll try and be there. If I can get my PC fixed until then that is.
The Fly-Ins were quite fun the last few times. :slight_smile: