Mudspike DCS World Fly-In: More Details

Friday, Nov 13 through Sunday, Nov 15

DCS Server Admins:
@WreckingCrew, @near_blind, @Derbysieger

DCS Servers:
Multiple, some running DCS 1.2 and some running DCS 1.5. At least one 1.5 server will be in Europe

Mission playlists and rotations will be managed by the server admins, but you can see some of Wrecking Crew’s missions here:
Free-flight sessions with just about all the modules will be available on the 1.5 server

Voice Comms:
Voice comms are strongly recommended, but not required. Mudspike TS3 server connection info, including password, is at and you can get Teamspeak 3 directly from Teamspeak’s site here:

Note: Mudspike’s TS3 server doesn’t support TARS and has not been tested for Aries, but players are more than welcome to use their own tools and their own VOIP servers – remember to monitor the text chat in game! – so long as they don’t interfere with the ability of other players to experience the Fly-In.

Workshop and Special Mission Requests:
Workshop sessions on specific topics – formation flying, aerial refueling, radio navigation, etc. – will be scheduled over the course of the Fly-In. A separate thread will be started to collect your requests. If you have a workshop idea you would like to host, send me a PM so I can coordinate them.

Post any special mission requests you might have here. We’ll try to accommodate as best we can.