Mudspike DCS World Fly-In: Workshops

DCS World models complicated systems and enables virtual pilots to demonstrate complicated tactics which not all of us are born knowing how to execute.

I want to schedule some “workshop sessions” for our upcoming Fly-In – November 13 through November 15 – where pilots can learn some of the less intuitive aspects of the experience, or try out things in multiplayer that are just impossible in single player, such as:

  • Introduction to Formation Flying [A-10C]
  • Aerial Refueling [A-10C, F-15C, Su-33]
  • Taming the Helicopter [UH-1H, Mi-8, Ka-50]
  • Radio Navigation [various]
  • WWII Dogfights [Bf-109, Fw-190, P-51]
  • etc.

Because of the focused nature of the training/experience, these workshops will have limited slots and need to be pre-planned, so I want to get a list of workshop requests to try and schedule them for our upcoming event.

If you have any specific requests for a workshop topic, please post them below. Don’t forget to include which modules you’d like to have the experience in - you don’t want someone to plan your workshop idea for a module you don’t own!

I’ll post a list of workshops and times next weekend.

If you’d like to host a workshop, give me a PM so I can coordinate.


Formation Flying and Aerial Refueling can be done on my 1.5 free flight server. I have three tankers on race tracks, two KC-135 - one slow at 15000ft, one fast at 20000ft - and an IL-78M for the Su-33. There are three backups each in case of ‘accidents’.
I’m planning to be on TS throughout the day (I will take some breaks of course) and I can help with aerial refueling if there are any questions.
I can also teach how to use the RSBN-5 on the L-39C and how to execute a box approach. I’ll be happy to demonstrate that with the hood over my cockpit if someone doesn’t believe I’m really flying by my instruments :smiley:
Same for the MiG-21 although the RSBN-5 is not simulated in as much detail as it is in the Albatros.

I might put a dogfight map into the rotation but that depends on how much free time I have until the 14th.

I also have data export enabled so if you’re running tacview there shouldn’t be any problems

I need help with the Huey – coming to a stop to hover, and landing.


@WreckingCrew: You don’t have 1.5, right? Because I’ve found that the improved performance helped a lot with making helos easier to control. That tiny bit of input lag at 1.2 framerates has a huge impact.

Hey guys if you need someone to take ADF tutorials for either Mi-8 or UH-1H let me know. Can also help with huey handling @WreckingCrew :smile: