Mudspike Dn'D night

Could we get something like that going?

We have a website that can be used as the stage.
I am a complete beginner at dnd. But always wanted to play it.


Same here. but 100% down. if we can find a good DM

So D&D like this?

(NSFW- language)

Or more like this?

We could always grab one of the starter sets and do games from it. Im down either way

I am willing to DM if need be. Played for years so I am sure I could whip up something using standard templates. Besides, the Dungeonworld Reddit has plenty of help :slight_smile:

DnD is not really my thing, but if other games make their way into circulation I’ll be up for it.

I also played D&D 3.5E as a DM for years.
I’d be in as a player or DM, preferably in the world they call the Forgotten Realms.

In case it may help I have quite a sizeable amount of player Handbook and Game rules in Pdf format. Bought them on Humble Bundle.

Can’t remember which game but I assure you it’s good. :slight_smile:

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More like this

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that sounds like fun! I’ve only played D’n’D once 20 years ago, but I’m up for trying it again if timezones allow :smiley:

@Sargoth, so long as you can guarantee Marisha Ray at the table.

I’d love to but I doubt I could commit the time. Never played.

So… I found my stuff. It’sthe Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder.
If you guys want it free of charge it requires a free account on Paizo.

Lemme know.