Mudspike Harrier Night Attack Mission

Anyone ready to tackle a Harrier Night Mission off the Tarawa? I think we can do a 4 ship off the Tarawa, i tested it with AI, nobody exploded. Ive taken the Through the Inferno mission (All Praise be to those guys) and turned the lights off. You can spawn whatever you want (A2A, A2G, Multirole, etc). I like using the mission because it is semi dynamic in that it randomly spawns missions when requested, so you dont know exactly where they are, until youve beaten them all. It also has JTACs auto lasing, tankers, and AWACS if we feel brave enough to spawn air to air.

Is there anyone interested? Low level FLIR flying? Night LHA operations?


Always up for that. Any particular time and day?

I’ll be open anytime in the evening, whatever you guys want. If you want to jump in tonight we can do that too. It’s dynamic so you can just jump in and out whenever.

I’m going to host the server tonight if anybody wants to mess around/practice. Nothing official, feel free to dolphin hover etc.

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Server name is mudspike pw is normal pw

We have a normal password?


Sorry mate, went to bed early.

It’s all good. I tested the combat effectiveness of several aircraft in total darkness. Results:

MiG21- 1 A2A kill before crashing into a mountain

F15- 4 A2A kills and a successful landing, however sukumis ILS almost put me into the ground, very close save.

Su33 - no kills just flying around, carrier ILS guides me directly into the ocean.

Huey - couldn’t see the switches to turn on, couldn’t find a flashlight.

Harrier- flies beautifully at night, several a2g sorties succesful, ship landing getting easier. Absolutely love this thing at night. Was successful with guided and unguided bombs, using JTAC for target reference. Once TPOD is better implemented, should be even more deadly.