Mudspike Hockey Thread

We gotta have some hockey fans around here right? Here’s a place to discuss and talk about it.

I’ll start something here…

Jets vs Sabers, Saturday… people are saying that a perfectly clean hit, but common… seemed a little excessive to me (still learning a lot about hockey)


I think it was ‘kinda’ a clean hit, but one that was plain unlucky. I think Laine (who looks a phenomenal player, thanks draft gods for that :frowning: ) banged heads with McCabe (McCabe returned with a black eye where his visor hit his face) and that caused him to wig out and then go bang his head on the ice, as he was out cold on the way down.

I also understand why the Jets wanted to jump in after the hit, but that it seemed more of a result that it was the rookie rather than it was a bad hit. I’m all for retribution where people step over lines, but on first viewing and being a neutral (more or less) I just didn’t see it as a terrible predatory hit.

Gotta keep ya head up in the transition zone… ! :wink:


That was a heck of a lot cleaner than that Stevens hit on Lindross back in the day that plenty claim was completely clean…I will concede that it was probably the cleanest hit ever done by Stevens :smiley: This one McCabe seemed to have his shoulders square and elbows down when they hit. I actually didn’t see anything wrong with it, oh i see about the bumping heads, almost looked like he came up fast on McCabe and he was almost trying to protect himself more than lay the Jets guy out.

The only other hockey i can talk about is how the local radio sorta laments about the Hurricanes being in the toughest division, but truth is it doesn’t matter, last I looked they’d still be on the outside looking in in either conference. Can’t close games out, can’t win an OT or shootout game.

Since I realize now that that hit was over 20 years ago here’s a video


I figured it would be about hockey

And not the silly icehockey variant!

I thought the same thing, i didn’t like the fact that everyone said it was him hitting the ice, he was a rag doll from the moment of contact. Which is why I felt it was a questionable hit. Hockey is physical but that seemed… iffy.

It’s all about intent though. I think McCabe wanted to deliver a really hard check in the neutral zone, but at that speed it’s unlikely he meant to clash heads; he was just rising up and finishing his check. It was meant to sit him down, but the difference with the Lindros hit is that the intent felt different, i.e. to injure or not.

As much as I yell at Refs they have a really difficult job at the speed the game is played at, and you can see why player history/rep comes into it so much; subjective and unscientific but otherwise the game is too stop/start/review.


Laine will learn to keep his head up sooner or later,

not the first time this year he was obliterated in open ice, wont be the last unless he learns.


I have a thing for ladies with short hair, nice pic! :wink:

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A bit like Taylor Hall - the guy (more so in the past) seemed to ragdoll every game or so. Great player but seemed to throw himself into it that it always felt inevitable they’d be an injury. Plays really ‘loose’ that you can feel the boom coming.

All valid stuff :thinking:

I’ve been watching some stuff on refs and I really had no idea how hard that job was.

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Google Campbell Umberger


There have been more and more ragdoll’s over the years since they got rid of the 2-line pass rule. The ragdolls also tend to be the cherry pickers as well. Not having to pay as much attention to where you are in the neutral zone leads to bad habits and bad things :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. I also cannot see any bad intention.

Might be a coaching issue. As you pointed out you should expect this kind of hit. I’m also concerned about players going down like this. Two many promising careers have been ended by concussions. But its hard to enforce a checking policy without taking away the physical part of the game.

Maybe the checker should run the risk of living with the consequences if he is not clean in his execution. Similar to last year’s playoff game Pit vs Wsh

I think Oprik missed the next three games for this unfair hit.

Switching subjects slightly. I’m not a huge fan of the NHL All-Star game, but the rosters are now out - lots of young players this time around, so 3 on 3 should be watchable - poor goalies though :slight_smile: :

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Jebus look at that metro division roster… wonder how many goals they will rack up.


good joke fearless, that was absolutely not kinda clean and this is one of the reasons I don’t like ice hockey

Carolina Hurricanes Equipment Manager and Goalie Jorge Alves to Receive Upper Deck Young Guns Rookie Card

Less than three weeks ago, Carolina Hurricanes equipment manager Jorge Alves made headlines when he signed a professional contract to be the backup goaltender in place of Eddie Lack who was ill. What made the moment even more special was when Alves was called to the ice to take over for Cam Ward for the final 7.6 seconds of the game.

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Key the Hammond organ. Playoffs are on.

What a game by Allen:

Pens are on track as well :slight_smile:

I don’t wanna talk about the Penguins :angry:

… though, I’ll hand it too them, their dang fast…

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Calvert deserves a suspension