Mudspike Hockey Thread


Oh, hadn’t seen this! I’m a big hockey fan!


Anyone else here detect a troll attempt? :couplekiss_man_man:

Happy to see Mr. Jagr come north of the border and play with Calgary. I was not a real fan of his when he started out but wow, 45 years old and still playing in the NHL! He gives it every ounce (gram) of energy that he has! This guy has a lot of heart!


He’s an icon for sure. One thing about the CGY/EDM game last night though was how amazingly overpowering the jets on McDavid were. Speed and zone entry at the speed of light were crazy. Mr J ain’t getting any faster over the years, and it means he’s more of a niche role than ever. He has an amazing hockey brain and on the boards strength, but I can’t help but think the ‘slow the game down’ guys are going to become rarer.


You weren’t kidding…


someone forgot to tell pittsburgh they had a game tonight.


The good news; I had Saad in fantasy…
The bad news; I started Murray as my goalie


everyone on my roster had a hattrick this week except pominville.


Love him or hate him, Tavares has some moves :astonished:


That he does. I think he had everyone watching those moves and not believing he didn’t lose the puck somewhere during that :slight_smile:


Bloody hell, I can barely stand up on ice- but not if someone is looking at me…
And this guy… WOWZA.


that’s standard puck protect play…

every player can do that…


I love soccer. Even though the diving and embellishment is pretty stupid. And then I see a hockey clip…and…hockey is just so NOT soccer…LOL…


Plus there’s few sports where the 5ft 6’ guy can do that to the 6ft 1’ guy and then just skate off. The Playoffs especially are probably the best spectator sport there is for me. Love my hockey.


I can just imagine what the (Red Wings?) guys where whispering in that guy’s ear as they pushed him back onto the ice… LOL…


I’m guessing you haven’t seen Ovechkin or Crosby play too much :smile: (for all the diving that is)


You wanna see a soccer goal, check out the goal at 1:10 from the game last night.


LOL…coulda been a header…!


Had this happen on sunday to me, there goes a few benjamins…:




never try to call another guy out and tell him he has a weak shot, lol…

Broke the runner clean, and I noticed it 10 minutes later when I went to cut and it twisted my ankle…

replacement runners are like $150