Mudspike Hockey Thread


Extra like for the skate blade on the PinkAngel Victoria’s Secret envelope. :slight_smile:



Man I haven’t had to replace steel yet, can’t believe it’s so pricey!



Well, nice thing is…ya’ gotta a nice shiv for next time he talks smack back…

Glad your ankle survived…that looks like it could get nasty quick…

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In a similar incident I saw someone get the white plasictic part that holds the blade blown right off by a shot. Quite impressive lol



Wow big stuff happening this week (been stuff happening all summer but thats for anther time)

Sharks get Karlsson from Ottawa

Seguin resigns with a fantastic animation

Pacioretty heads to Vegas.

Auston Watson suspended before the season starts.

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Here we go, it all starts this week. Time to get hyped

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Beware of Gritty

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So far the playoffs have been some very exciting hockey from all teams!

I just had to post this savagery from last night.

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Daaaaaaaam! Nice!

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Hooray for the CBJ to FINALLY get the playoff monkey off their back. Not only did they do it, but they did it in what I would consider a rather stunning fashion.



The ending of that game was crazy, Panarin fighting for the open net goal and then Big Tex immediately scoring another.

Really pretty crazy night of hockey over all, Pens get swept by Islanders. Tampa gets swept by the Blue Jackets. Vegas advances past San Jose, and the Jets tie the series against the Blues!



Not quite yet, there’s more violence to come in that series. It’s quite a rough one.

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Oh crap your right!



I didn’t watch the Tampa vs Columbus series, but I can take one guess what happened. Columbus takes very few penalties. Tampa for whatever reason seemed to really like diving/embellishing when I saw them in the regular season. I don’t think they needed to, but whatever I guess. Playoff ref’s don’t call that stuff, or even actual penalties. So guessing Tampa was lucky to get 1 maybe 2 power plays a game?

(just actually looked seems they only had 6 power plays total for the series? damn)