My first 3D print!

Still not sure what went wrong, except that the base didn’t stick to the non-heated bed. Read some forums, put some glue stick down on the bed, and am trying again.

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Looks fine!

You were just recreating the transporter accident scene from Star Trek, right?


I think we just got our 2016 Mascot - it’s symbolic! :wink:

Did you get a printer? What kind?

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Looks perfectly airworthy to me.

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XYZ DaVinci Mini 1w - incredibly easy to set up out of the box, although the connection to the printer is flaky, USB or Wifi.

I asked Santa specifically for this once because it was dirt cheap - even counting the proprietary spools, I’ll get lots of test prints with this baby before approaching the cost of a larger/better printer.

I’m already regretting the non-heated bed - reading more on the forums, this is going to be a lasting problem. The colder bed loses friction on the base material and then the mass of the object in print gets knocked around by the print head, destroying it. Suggested tricks are putting glue on the bed, which is cumbersome, but I’m giving it a shot now.

I also would have liked a second extruder for easily identifiable and removable support material or to make more complex parts, but I should be able to make some neat stuff with this guy - if I can get the parts to stick to the bed.

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I’m glad I watched this print a little more carefully, I noticed the extruder just started shooting a stream of plastic and then wrapped up the model with it. I halted the print and reviewed the model at the point where the extruder head went nuts - there was a dip in the model that actually needs support material!

Off for try #3!

3 hours and 5 meters of PLA later…

Support material makes all the difference for printing stability, but consumes a lot of material. The glue stick worked great…too great. I ripped the tape covering the bed while removing the print and the system only came with three. Gonna have to check out buildtak!


Unlimited long-horses - We’ll be rich!

Is that what happens when you nuke your own base?

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