My new beauty

Got it second hand for the same price that i paid for my x-52 a decade ago. Its in mint condition! The previous owner couldnt make head or tails of the programming and gave up keeping it in storage ever since!

Soon, with the MudSpike™ mug as well!


Ah…the curves are beautiful…!!

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It is! Getting used to the springs though, been flying my X-52 without springs for years so this is quite the force to easy back into.

But now I can use the autopilot on the M-2000C, Mi-8 and the Ka-50 though, so I got that going for me.

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Having fun! This time i didnt broke the upload function of the app/forum!

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Still have my Cougar and wish I’d bought an evenstrain mod for it, not sure if these are still available?

Watch out for the speedbrake switch, they always break, a slight mod can be done to realign it and I’d do this if I were you, once again I dont think you can get spares? Mine broke and so did lots of other users going from memory.

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Treating it like a treasure for now!

Yeah I checked but unfortunately most of the gimbal mods are out of production… Might manufacture something myself if I get bored enough with my calliper one of these days :wink:

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