My New Dream Toy!

One airplane is enough I suppose but I drooled over this thing all day Saturday. The owner was obviously new to gyroplanes but his came with an instructor. All day they tweaked and flew–in very strong winds. It could takeoff in a few hundred feet with two big guys and 31(!) gallons of mogas. The instructor said that when light with a full pre-rotate, it can lift off in a near hover. It certainly landed in a near hover with a 15 knot crosswind. It looked very responsive by gyroplane standards. 100 mph at 6 gph, a big modern cabin, plenty of bag storage and simple assembly–what’s not to love?

If I ever stumble across a $100k coin abandoned on the sidewalk, this thing will be mine!


Phenomenal machines those gyrocopters. Their performance is impressive. And that one actually looks sleek and comfortable…

A few too many whirly doodle parts though for my liking. Rotors scare me for some reason…

Probably right. But the rotor is surpringly simple. Not swashplate, teetering hinges or lead lag hinges. It looks pretty stout.

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