My new ride

My B-days tomorrow…at my age I buy my own gifts minus socks, underwear, and body wash, lol… Bought this 2013 HD Electra Glide Classic, 3k miles for 10k from a fellow officer who took care of it, and garaged it most of it’s time.

Year 2 of my retirement, 2018, will being doing the IMSA SportsCar tour, all via bike, camping out or cheap hotels. Along with other smaller trips with the woman like a weekend in Key Largo this summer.

and with this purchase that was near the last of all my bonus DROP money from retirement. :wink: BUT did pay off ALL my bills minus the home. :wink:


Congrats @Magnum50. You stole that thing!

Very nice!

Congratz @Magnum50! Today is my birthday and I dig that bike! Unfortunately I can afford to only lust after the pics! :wink:
Great deal… enjoy it for me too!

**Beautiful and Happy Birthday!!! **

Oops got caught up in the bike. Forgot to say happy birthday !!!
Two F 111’s for you :f111: :f111:

Very nice, I love big V twins, a Great Uncle once crossed Alaska on an Indian in the 20’s IIRC and I have always had an urge to own a Harley. Enjoy every second of riding and every hour of chrome cleaning :wink:

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back again… tried google with little success… any recommendations for a small bed roll or something to sleep on under the stairs… the ideal idea would be a sleeping bag on a small cot… but will look at whatever you guys suggest… don’t really need a tent, under the stars is fine, it’s not for bad weather, in bad weather would get a hotel for the night. ideas?

Well, for my ultra light solo hiking, I usually went with either my Eureka Solitaire Tent (literally takes about 2 minutes to put up) or, if I knew the weather was fine and bugs wouldn’t be a hassle, I’d just roll out my bivy sack.

Eureka Solitaire:

My Mountain Hardwear Conduit bivy sack…

FWIW - I’ve never tried sleeping on a cot…I always just got a really thin Thermarest pad…

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Oh, and some people swear by the Hennessy Hammock. I actually bought one intending to use it in some of the swamps I kayak in…but I’ve never actually tried it… To me, it looks sort of like a Grizzly Bear Taco or something…

I like sleeping OFF the ground a little, never know what will crawl in with you. :wink: thx

I love my hennesey hammock, got a nice snug pack insulating cover, great for the winter fits all round the outside because a cold bum is its biggest drawback :slight_smile:

I found (in the past) that mixing V.O. and Coke will oftentimes end up with that result… :see_no_evil:

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[quote=“Magnum50, post:8, topic:3904, full:true”]
back again… tried google with little success… any recommendations for a small bed roll or something to sleep on under the stairs…[/quote]

A bed roll? Sleeping under the stairs?

Wow. Reminds me of those old Western movies. :grin:

America must be great again!

Harry Potter

Took it out for it’s first real test run this morning, only been going around my neighborhood for a few days, never had such a big/heavy bike before… rolling it out of the driveway, dropped it… lucky it doesn’t really drop the crash bars saved it, just leans it. I’m a big tough guy who lifts weight, and I struggled to pick that damn thing up, lol… it’s heavy as hello. Got it going… when up to speed on the interstate rode smooth as my wife’s buttocks, lol… short clip, learning the new GoPro software too.

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You sure about that? I’m gunna need your height & weight & number of people you’ve knocked out please. :grin:

Cool video. That GoPro overlay thingy is pretty darn cool. It’d be great for bike riding too… So did you scope out that section of highway and make sure there were none of those mean highway patrol waiting to nab you? Or did you wear your old uniform? LOL… Looks like fun!

Nice! Good Hand/Clutch…Foot/Shift coordination.Here’s a shot of my 2013 HD RoadGlide

It was Sunday morning… don’t routinely drive that fast, but it was a test to see how it handled at high speeds. I know most cops, Sunday morning, are enjoying the slow morning and having coffee somewhere at that time. And in Florida you can’t get a speeding ticket by a video, only if it’s a crime, IE: careless or reckless driving. Back in my day, I’ve stopped people before who were speeding or racing through gears, they tell me they were testing there car for a recent repair, and so me the bill of sale or work order, and no one else was in danger, then fine by me… America is too anal as is, let things slide. Live, Laugh, Love, lol.