My next live show, Rammstein at Coventry UK

Wow, this has been a long time in the planning, originally had planned for the other UK show at Cardiff in Wales, and also before Covid, so postponed once or twice, but going ahead now … have been to a few shows post UK Covid relaxation and its fine … fully vaccinated ETC by choice, and that was fine too.

But wow, that first Cardiff show … and I am normally quite good at organising such shows for myself and friends, it was a disaster from start to finish, even a death in our extended family where some where only going if he could too, other stuff too, it was crazy, in the end and by mutual agreement I sold a whole bunch of Cardiff tickets on Ticketmaster exchange at original price and that’s fair enough, was not seeking profit.

For a while I sat back and thought, OK, gonna miss out on this one, it was a big bucket list show of mine though … but the more I thought about it knew I would be depressed reading the reviews and knowing I could have been there … so started from scratch again and now have two pretty good vieing tickets for Coventry as opposed to 5 really good near stage tickets for Cardiff show that I’ve called off, but am in again, just could not miss this show … No Way, sharing with a nice Lady friend too.

Lots more shows this year to look fwd too, but probably this is the summer Big one, just hope it does not rain!

Rammstein Coventry June Sunday 26th … Its gonna be good.

From same tour and what to expect … might need to take my welding mask because of the searing heat their Pyro flame show gives off LOL … Seriously, would not be surprised if they set a stadium on fire one day or band member gets seriously hurt with their stunts? know its all professional still … but … accidents do happen.

This clip from Prague about 2 weeks ago is before Pyro really kicks in, but still impressive, skip a bit beyond the dancing stuff for the good stuff, its how they do this, from the subtle, to the brutal, the smoke pouring from stage and then the red hot lights coming on, then the band themselves crash on with great Germanic splendour and apparently the whole show just builds from there … Have peeped and cheated by looking at other wee clips from show … I doubt anyone going to see Rammstein at last in 2022 will be disappointed :slight_smile:


The envy is real…


Dude, same. They’ve also been a bucket list band for me for a very, very long time.

@B12 , that’s awesome though! Have fun, and I’m looking forward to hearing the AAR when you get your hearing back!


Heh, I seen Rammstein once, at pinkpop in umm 2001 I think? That AAR is not SFW, and perhaps not quite appropriate to this forum either lol Helluva show tho :smiley:


I’ve seen them a couple of times and they are always amazing. I hope things line up one day so I could see them live again.

Have fun!


I saw them in Dortmund years ago and at Ozzfest in milton keynes. It wasnt the full pyrotechnic show either time unfortunately.
Definitely jealous of this @B12


as long as they sing mutter and sonne it would be a greart show for me :grinning:


Ich Will FTW :wink:


Feuer Frei beats everything


My favourite is still the song Rammstein by Rammstein.

…und die Sonne scheint.


Feuer frei is the BEST music video and live

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To be fair I just discovered a song called … ehrm…
Dicke Titten

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Bet thats a sketchy video to post on here :rofl:

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I’m literally too afraid to check.


I could almost play Sonne by heart on my drumset!
Loved it deeply!

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that was the first rammstein song I heard … and that video … i dont remember snow white and the seven dwarves being like that … :rofl:


Yeah I think it was the first Rammstein video for me too…
I was thoroughly impressed by the imagery.

I knew then and there that Germany had a big part in my future…


Its been a few years since i saw that. Am i correct in saying that there were 2 versions of the video. Shall we say a daytime and a nighttime version on Kerrang tv

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I know it Italy there were two versions but it was the same video- just one had more scenes of the decadent behaviour of Snow white.

I mean- honestly I’d totally work in a mine for her…


Ok, i didnt imagine that. God that must of been 20 years ago

:point_up: i did the google search as well. Joulia stepanova. Apparently a Russian soap star.

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