NATO Ministry of Information video thread


Thanks so much for linking Fridge. While watching that, it’s hard to not imagine my dad at the controls and how he much loved flying the Phantom.


I <3 sunshine. He aint half as dumb as he looks.

Dude went to test pilot school and all. He’s a Dr. at this stuff.


Update on the new suite for the Typhoon





Pretty impressive bird strike on a C-17 engine…


Don’t think the bird was very impressed. :scream:



I wonder if they rejected take off or continued. Outboard engine failure on take-off can be quite fun. (as practiced in sim)


What? No need to cancel the flight. They just had an in-flight meal of some nondescript bird. “Tastes like chicken. Really! It’s a bit burnt around the edges and probably smells like JP-7, but it won’t kill you!”


As it goes by the camera, the spoilers and thrust reversers are deployed.


Footage from some of the last flights of VMAQ-2, and subsequently, the EA-6B. The unit, the last flying the Prowler, is slated for deactivation on March 8. End of an era considering the service history of the Intruder/Prowler platform, and the fact that the USN will be the sole operator of tactical EW aircraft.


With modern AESA sets, especially large ones such as the ones in the Eagles and -22’s, being a tactical EW platform is a matter of software updates. I believe that for situations that go beyond the power available to those, the USAF uses a herc full of jamming equipment.

I want a herc in DCS. It can do all the things.


While I don’t doubt your right, I can’t help but think that having a dedicated EW/ jammer aircraft must bring something to the table that other platforms can’t, considering the money the USN and Australia have invested into the Growler.

Yes, yes it can. Especially if it’s a Marine Herc. :grin:


I bet there are herc pilots that have scored kills in simulated air combat :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, maybe not quite all the things. :rofl:
I had the honor? of doing a “Def Tac” flight during a WTI course, and well, vs a F/A-18D with AIM-9X, resistance was futile. Vs a pair of F-5Ns, we where only delaying the inevitable. :rofl:


Honestly? No, they can’t. You can’t turn a F-35 into a RC-12 just by giving it a software update. Likewise, you can’t turn it into a jamming aircraft by doing the same. You can put some EW tasks into an airframe not purpose built for it, but it’s not going to be anywhere near the capability of a proper EW aircraft.

Also, EC-130s are big honking huge targets.


So… the USAF are without viable tactical jammer capabilities? I find that hard to believe. What I do believe is how you can make a modern AESA array spit out any wave form at quite some power. I don’t think the claim that AESA arrays can do deception jamming and other l33t h4X0r shizzle is bovine excrement.


Yep. They abdicated that to the Navy/ Marine Corps when they retired the Spark’vark after Desert Storm, and the Prowlers and now Growlers have been racking up massive numbers of flight hours over the 'Stan, because they’ve proven able to jam cell phone signals meant to detonate IED’s. Ours were flying almost constantly, so long as they could keep the birds ‘up’, when we were in the IO supporting inland operations in-country.


WOW I didn’t know they could do that! That’s incredible. Any reading on that? Or are we talking highly classified there?