Need a new headset

So this happened, and somehow my son has no clue how.

What headset do y’all recommend? I’d like to get a wireless one because I sit several feet from the computer. This was the Sony pS4 “gold” headset. Price range in the $150s. You can see why I don’t need to get an expensive one.

G930 … hold on … I don’t think they make 'em anymore. When I went to replace my old G930, I was about to get a G933 but ended up getting another G930. :smiley: Now I have two.

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I’ll go check it out tomorrow.

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Got that headset just before I got my VR headset.
It was fantastic! Comfort, software, and sound.
But since the Oculus Rift has built in headphones, and VR uses its own surround scheme, the 933s got shelved. So I sold them.
The Rift headphones are very good, but not like the 933s.

Its certainly got some ergonomic issues

I have this. It sounds very good. wired but that wire is long. It blots out external sounds as much as industrial ear protectors, is very comfortable and best of all: its repairable!

Seconded, the DT770 is a very good entry level professional headphone. I have the 120 Ohm version myself.

Arctis 7 Wireless Steel series, very good headphone that I absolutely love. Only thing that sucks is updating the firmware, you can just not do that if you ignore the warning in the software.

Microcenter has both at the same price. Sell me on the G933 or the Arctic 7.

I love my wired steel series except for the actual wire. I think my next will be wireless. One more port required… Lol

That’s a tough call. Can you try both on … see how they feel?

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This. I think it comes down to personal preference.
One thing I remember reading about the 933 was that they didn’t fit small heads that well. Could be important if your kid has plans to destroy the new headset as well… :wink:

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I’ll see if they have them out of the box. The boy is definitely not touching this one.

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Sennheiser HD 598 Cs Closed Back Headphone’s

I just picked these up to replace my old HD 280 PRO’s, and they were worth every penny. By far the best headphones I’ve ever payed cash for, and by far the most comfortable thing I’ve ever rested on my head…except for maybe a chinchilla? Anyway, I paired it with an Antlion Audio ModMic 5 Modular Attachable Boom Microphone, and it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made in a while.

The steelseries syberia I have are super comfy even for long sessions. I mean, anything on your head for hours eventually is kinda annoying, but these ones are great. It’s just that damn cable. And for the price they were awesome.

But that’s not the same as the steelseries being mentioned here, and I know nothing about the 933’s that are being mentioned either.

Basically I’m just writing to see myself type.

Isn’t that right @discobot fortune

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:crystal_ball: Without a doubt

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Erm, the arctis has really nice software to manage it, you can create sound profiles for movies, games etc. I haven’t messed around with it a lot though since I have no idea how to create a proper sound profile.

It doesn’t nullify surrounding noises but removes them well enough to not be interrupting the game sounds. The game sounds are really crisp in Insurgency for example, I can hear enemies moving on other side of the wall or stuff like that, which I’d have to turn up my speaker volume to do so that’s a pro.

It’s a comfy fit and the skiband on top is what makes it so.

PCG can sell it much better I’m afraid. If I need to test any specific function for you then I am willing to help!

PCG also had an article a year earlier which this one was part of, a shoot-out between different headsets etc.

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Thanks for all the info guys. Ended up going with the G933. Tried them both on, liked the fit better. Sound seems to be an improvement over the golds. Definitely makes my tinnitus unbearable without noise coming through them.


Good choice, and props to Logitech products … I currently have a G510 keyboard, a G600 mouse and two G930 headsets since forever. I wanted to replace my old G930 headset because it was getting downright ratty but if you send $6 to China, they’ll actually send you replacement earpieces! (slow boat though). Very durable products.

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First thing I did with the Oculus Rift headphones was screw them off. I’m a large person with an extraordinarily large head and they just did not want to conform with my dimensions. :smiley: