Need help in downloading new Nvidia driver

I have a Gforce 970 video card. The drivers where old and was impacting another game…
I uninstalled the driver, then went to the Nvidia driver download site and tried the latest version driver for the 970 card. (using Win 8.1 64 bit).

I know of others using these drivers and so far none of the drivers work…getting a message that says…
.Nvidia Installer cannot continue…

The Nvidia graphics driver is not compatible with this version of windows…

I have checked the correct box for Win 8.1 and I double check that my system is running Win 8/1…but cannot download…

Tried drivers

Any help would be appreciated…

I can’t say for sure but the latest drivers may only be Windows 10 compatible.

That may be so…but would like to get at least the old driver back then…Can it be done if Nividia doesn’t have the driver listed? Can I find the deleted drivers in my computer?

I am just reading Nvidia’s release notes for 457.30 and 8.1 should still be supported.

The driver may still be on the system depending on how it was removed. You could try to find it via the device manager, GPU, properties, update driver, find manually, select driver from device list.

Edit: Have you rebooted since uninstall?
Also try 445.87 - the oldest that comes up on the list, from April. It was a different branch so that is worth a shot.

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I know where the device manager is…but where is the GPU hidden.

Needed to reboot…they never told me that at Computer school.

Hi You might be using the DCH version of the nvidia drivers… Are you familiar with DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) Run that DDU and let it boot into safe mode then remove the drivers that way… Goto DL the drivers and make sure you are not Downloading the DCH Version of the nVidia Drivers…

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