Nevada release planned for Monday, will be a seperate 2.0 alpha client

Wags just posted this little bit of information on the ED forums: DCS 2 changelogs and updates - Official Updates - ED Forums

So, anyone up for a little Fly-In next week?


So just so Im not confused anymore, If one was running 1.2 1.5 and NTTR, one would have 3 separate game .exe?

Also the red flag missions are they coming out as well or will they be after?

And while I am asking questions, is Alpha before Beta?

And fly in next week you say?? I have Friday and Saturday off.

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(rushes to shop to buy a bigger SSD)

Actually, good to know that it’ll be Monday as hitting F5 on that DCS updater is no fun over a weekend.

I’ll be up for a desert tour for sure next week.

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@weaponz248: Yes, that would be three separate installs. Friday evening CET or Saturday will probably work for me.

I’ll just put all modules in, add a few tankers and some targets so we can have some fun.

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I believe separate installs … which is good, in my opinion, as it keeps the multiplayer options open. This will be alpha software (as far as the general customer is concerned) and I appreciate it not braking my regular DCS experience :slight_smile:

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Bought this yesterday after reading the discount stops on release, about £25 in my money, also ordered a new 500 GB SSD just for my military flight sims (120GB one is getting full, but XPlane 10 is on this drive too) … FSX has its own 1TB SSD!

Looking forward to this on Monday now, wish I’d bought the A10 early enough to qualify to get it free.

So three separate installs? I hope there are no problems migrating modules and losing activations like there was with 1.5 for me, Mig 21 mostly I think it was.

Hmmm interesting… I wonder if 1.5 will come out of beta or if they’ll just try to go straight for 2.0

Not sure. I had kinda assumed that 1.5 was sort of a step to 2.0 anyway, so once the Georgia map has been updated to the 2.0 tech and any major bugs squashed (as in alpha bugs) then we’ll just have two releases:

  • DCS 1. Which would be 1.2 stable.
  • DCS 2. Which would be 2.0 open beta.

Obviously not sure though.

I get the feeling that 1.5 will not exit beta … assuming 2.0 goes through it’s public alpha phase with limited issues, they may just jump to 2.0. That is probably an obvious statement, however. I get the feeling that 1.5 issues have rolled up into 2.0 and the public alpha/beta is intended to test the newer systems that 2.0 is featuring.

I always thought that 1.5 would never clear beta. I think they, ED, intend for it to be a teaser for us. My assumption was that 1.5 would move to 2.0 beta and then final release.