"Never tell me the odds" - External HDD edition

I fugged up.

Used the wrong PSU for my external hard disk (a 1TB Seagate) and now it’s dead and it smells funny (i.e.: burned)

What are the chances that I can still use it in a docking station to recover the data vs “It’s dead, Jim”?


I’m so sorry my trusty HDD…
It had so many great movies from the 80s in it - “and it will all be gone, like tears in the rain.”


I guess it’s a USB drive?
If so, chances are it killed the USB controller and that the drive itself is ok. You could get a IDE/SATA to USB adapte and give it a go…


I once opened up a broken external USB HDD but that one (Toshiba) had a weird proprietary connector inside so it was not compatible with SATA cables.

Screw it open or break the casing and see what’s inside. Maybe you’re lucky @komemiute


Thanks guys, I think I’ll do exactly that. By the look it seems it has a controller just like @Troll said


One advantage of buying a docking station is that any HDD can now be an external HDD.


I had a cable with a power cord I could plug into a SATA drive and make it a USB3 external. If it was a SATA SSD you didn’t always need the power cord even.
Haven’t needed it in years, though. In a drawer somewhere…

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Late update- the PCB of the HHD is gone. I need to get a company to extract my data and save it on another media. :frowning:

Rats… How much will that cost?

SIGH, roughly speaking - round a couple hundreds. Could have come at a better time.