New bike...

A couple of days ago - just prior to heading up to mountains, I made a CraigsList run over to Asheville to check out a road bike prospect that looked good. I pretty much feel like I stole this bike for an accepted offer of $700 on a $900 listing.

It is a 2015 Raleigh Revenio full carbon (frame and fork), 60cm (perfect!), Shimano Ultegra, Kenda Kountach tires. Not a scratch on the bike - I don’t think it was ever ridden more than a dozen miles (the owner said it had less that 50 miles). A three year old new bike is running $1000 to $1800 in the various places I looked…so I’m pretty stoked about it.

I have a full carbon triathlon bike (a Quintano Roo CD0.1)…

…but that bike is built for pure flat-ish speed turning a high gear for a relatively short and uncomfortable duration. I wanted a true road bike for hills and a more upright and longer distance cycling capability. I hope to put some good mileage on it this spring and summer. I have to get down to fighting weight before we go to Australia so I can out swim the Great Whites…!


So when are we riding?

I’m not so sure about the short duration on the Tri bikes. My wife did her first Ironman last November… 112 miles for the bike part of the event. :crazy_face:

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See…I suspect if I ride with you - I’m going to end up at a BBQ joint.

If I ride with @chipwich - I’ll end up with BBQ and a craft beer.


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Yeah - my tri-bike is OK for long distances, but it is not a fun bike to sit up and ride on. It is really built for that aero position. And if I ride any amount of distance around these parts…you hit some pretty decent hills and the tri-bike isn’t a lot of fun climbing with. I’d like to do some more triathlons, but I think I’ll split the training between the road bike and the tri-bike. That is awesome that she did an Ironman. It is something I’d love to do…but that is a serious commitment. How many hours a day did she train?

I’ll be in Charlotte in mid - April. I’m not a fan of riding in the city, as the greenway system is still incomplete and I’ve already been hit by a car while riding once, but if you want to meet up a bit farther out…

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Oh…I’m further out…! I have a great location over in Kings Mountain State Park and National Military Park. Nice rolling roads through the park and a 35 MPH speed limit keeps the drivers honest.

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It varies, but she put a lot of time and effort into it. Within a week of completing the Arizona Ironman, she signed up for her next one, which is at Chattanooga TN in late September. She is already training hard for it.


I really need to get riding again this spring. Good low impact cardio with a view. It takes time, so haven’t done a lot since becoming a dad. But the kids are getting a bit more self-sufficient and I need to get at least one road ride in a week. Congrats on the bike. Great find. An Ultegra groppo costs more than you paid for your bike :slight_smile:


Nice looking bikes you have there

  1. You will only die tired.
  2. They like chubby people…

Nice catch. Now put some miles on it :+1:

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Ride it like you stole it! (Since you did)

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I fear I’ve become a collector. This latest addition means I now I have four bikes (mountain, road, triathlon, and now a gravel bike)…

My wife has indicated that she would like to do the C&O Canal Bicycle Trail that runs between Washington DC and Cumberland, MD. The old canal tow-path winds along the banks of the Potomac River for 185 miles or so, is mostly gravel path, and the entirety can be ridden without going on roads (!).

So I’ve been in the market for a “gravel bike” - which is a cross between a road bike and mountain bike. You can actually convert a road bike to a gravel bike, but I like my Raleigh Revenio the way it is and I’d have to make adjustments for tire width…and the frame really isn’t beefy enough to stand up to modifications such as adding racks and panniers.

Yesterday I found a Raleigh Willard 2 gravel bike just a short two hour drive down in Columbia, SC on CraigsList. As happens often on CraigsList, you can get awesome deals on basically unused sporting goods that people buy and then never actually use. As an added bonus, it already has the rack mounted, and the owner threw in a pannier, although I’ll probably end up getting a different set. As well, it was a 60cm bike - perfect for my 6’ 2" body that doesn’t like to fold up very much. I’ll actually need to lower the seat post perhaps 1". Upon inspection, I’d bet the bike has only been ridden a few times…it is in perfect condition.

I’m on the fence as to whether I should put mud guards on it. I’ve read contrasting opinions on it. I do plan to ride in the rain…but the areas I’ll ride are probably not going to be particularly muddy. I know mud can clog up between the tire and guard, but I don’t think that will be a frequent condition I’d run into.

Now to put some miles on it and get to know it. I’ll also be looking for a bike for my wife…


Very cool! It looks immaculate.

I love CraigsList…! LOL…

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Just ordered my wife a new Raleigh Amelia for Mother’s Day…I plan on putting all the really heavy items in her panniers…


If you’re looking for training, there’s always the MS Ride in New Bern in September. I’m planning on doing 125 this year.

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Cool…thanks! I’m slightly considering doing the White Lake Fall triathlon (Olympic distance) that weekend. It is a tri I’ve eyed in the past…it has some nice features: clear lake, flat bike, and flat run. I’m undecided about doing it though…we’ll see…


Did you set up the handle bar or is it the way you got it?

If you set it up like that, i’d advise you to get a different headset instead, the way it is set up will cause you wrist fatigue/pain rather quickly.