New build 8700k M.2 x 2

Hi guys
Just started putting together my new PC. It’s an i7 8700k on a ROG Hero mobo. I’ll be reusing my 1080 as I’m not ready to upgrade.


Cool beans, that’s gonna pwn!

What kind of RAM are using? Cooling?

There is a new BIOS released just a week since. Make sure you Flash your BIOS before setting up your preferences and the like in the software

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I know it looks like I’m copying your build lol. I swear I’m not. :grin:
And Yes, I spied that new bios. It’s On the to do list.
I got interrupted during my first post. Here’s the scoop. I’m taking 16 gb of g skill rip jaws DDR 4 3000 from my current pc to put in the new build. The reason is because I’m not sure 32 gb of ram is not overkill. So now now the 2 machines will have 16 gb of RAM.
My cooling solution is a CM MA610P. It has 6 heat pipes and 2 120mm fans. I got the build 80 percent complete. Tomorrow is go time.
My old machine is a 5930 i7 on a x99 killer AsRock mobo. I don’t care much for that mobo.

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While I have your attention… I bought a 500gb M.2 drive. It is the primary drive and will be my C drive. So should I put DCS on this drive or on a separate drive? Are we still doing that…and why?
Thanks in advance

I don’t know, really…
I have my W10 on a 256Gb SSD and DCS and IL-2 on a 1Tb M2.

Ahhh right. Now I have a similar setup but w regular SSDs. Guess I will do the same. I’ll put windows on a 256 M.2 and games on my 512 M.2. Thanks for that. What you think about my RAM?

I really don’t know if there’s any advantage to splitting the OS and games, onto different storage units…

I got G Skill RAM for my build. Seems to be working very well. Although, everything I thought I knew about the bigger-better-faster-more concept of RAM, seems to have changed… :slight_smile:

How did you get to 5Ghz? I look at UEFI now and I’m like Whaaat?
Slept all day after my night shift. Did mostly fans and clean up of the case. Can’t wait for my M.2 to get here…

I followed this setup.

Great video. Thank you

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Today I had to change video cards. I had to put my old 980ti in the pc I’m using now. I did this because my new build will be using my 1080. Even in VR this old card still kicks serious butt. I did a flight in Nevada on the A-10c. Even startup was fine. The pit was crisp and clear. The desert mountains look so Good, I nearly stayed home all day.


Its Alive!
Just wanted to thank Troll for your tips and hints. I got it running at 5 Ghz. Its easy with this video. The RAM runs at 3000, witch is its advertised speed. After I put in Jabbers tweaks, it looks and performs like a champ.
I let a mission run in VR and watched temps in Aida64. 61 Deg MAX! How is this even possible? Life is good once again.

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