New HOTAS incoming?


Interesting release with Ace Combat 7…


For $175? I’ll give a pass on that one


Italian google translation from Chinese:

" Tipo separato in grado di operare in modo completo

Questo prodotto è un controllore di simulazione di volo di tipo separato con lo stick principale e la valvola a farfalla completamente separati.
Installando lo stick principale destro (stick di comando) e l’acceleratore azionato dalla mano sinistra, è possibile ottenere una sensazione di funzionamento vicino al vero aereo da combattimento."

Now You should google translate the text from italian to english and see what happen :grin:


I paid my first Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 1 more than that and it was less stuff…


but it had force feedback as opposed to “vibration” :smiley:


Yeah, but still…


I am more curious about that audio jack!


Prob a headset jack for multiplayer.

Also, 175 isn’t bad if the game is included (ie collector bundle)


At least PS4 is going in the right direction for better flight sim controllers, not a fan of consoles myself, but perhaps this is what the future is (god forbid) but if it is I would need a decent HOTAS at least before I could give up PC Flight sim or Gaming … even if it does totally die out for console domination (yuk)


FYI, that stick will also work on the PC. Hori is usually good about cross compatibility.