New iPhone...a couple of questions

So sometimes I’m a somewhat late adopter of stuff (except VR headsets I guess). I tend to hold on to things I buy for a long time. (I sure miss that Honda CRX I let go with 360K miles…sigh…). For my 50th birthday, my wife bought me an iPhone 13 Pro Max phone. I’m upgrading from an iPhone 6+, so I skipped a few generations. My 6+ is actually working pretty good still - but I’m pretty excited about the camera capabilities on these newer phones.

Anyway - so I’m getting an Otterbox case for it so I don’t ruin it on Day 1:

And I didn’t realize that new iPhones have some capability to use magnets or something to charge without a cable? Is that something I should get - or is that a gimmick?

I’m waiting for the case to come in before I try the migration from my 6+ to the 13 - apparently you can just place them next to each other and they will presto-chango migrate to the new phone. Man…I hope so. I don’t even have iTunes and all that crap on any computers, so if I have to go through that I’ll be lost.


Get it. The new magnetic chargers are great! Check the USB power requirements of the charger plate and use a USB powersupply that can handle it.
Not sure that Otterbox case is mag charger compatible…?

There are also some very cool lenses you can get. A friend of mine has lenses from Sandmark. They have a special cover with screw in adapters that secure the lens perfectly, everytime.

Oh, yeah, copying phone to phone is a breeze. Or you could just backup your 6 to icloud and use that to set up the 13.


I have the iPhone 11 Pro which allows for wireless charging. I have one of these chargers on my bedside table. It’s nice to be able to grab the phone without having to worry about it being attached to anything. While I’m on the road I just use a regular charger. So, it’s convenient but not entirely necessary. I guess it also reduces wear on the connector, so that’s another plus point.


Oh yes put the old phone next to the new one when turning it on. Huge timesaver!

What’s iTunes?

Wireless charging is optional, I guess mostly a convenience feature for cars or people that use a lot of juice (due to Facebook and Instagram sucking your battery and life dry).

I just plug it in when I go to bed. No, it’s not in my bedroom. That’s the worst habit ever and unhealthy on a cigarette smoker level. :slight_smile:

Edit: (Ups, offended Paul as we posted at the same time. Didn’t mean to, don’t shoot me plz)


I think I may be addicted to my phone (android)

I genuinely think I have a little bit of a problem.

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Lol. No worries, and I agree, it is not ideal to have the phone by your bedside…but some jobs involve the occasional phone call at 3am. That was more of a factor with my last company, but there are scenarios that I can think of where a call could come in the middle of the night.


I think I showed a picture of the slightly wrong one. The one I ordered is the Defender Series XT and it specifically says: “Designed for seamless interaction with MagSafe technology, strong alignment and attachment, optimal charging speed and performance.” So I’m guessing it is magnet type charging compatible. Funny because I always thought magnets and electronics didn’t get along. :man_shrugging:

I’m going to assume the magnet thing works and also purchased this for my car:

:rofl: Yeah - I wish I could NOT have mine at the bedside, but it is how Dispatch calls me…so I’m tied to the thing.

You’re right, didn’t think about that. Beach probably has that requirement, too.

I once tested an iPhone 8 with a non-magnetic wireless charger. That’s not good at all, you end up starting the day with an empty battery. :scream:

I may have interpreted the picture wrong too. looks like that clip is on the front, or is at least detachable. I thought it was mounted on the back of the cover.

Yeah…I think the clip is on the front and you must snap it in face forward. I’m not a big Dad wearing the clip on thingy anyway… Which is why I drop my phone a lot. :rofl: I need that phone airbag thing…

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So that was as painless an upgrade as one could hope for…! Took all of about 20 mins for all my data, connections, and apps to be moved over - no muss / no fuss! I’m very impressed with the ease of transfer!!

My first official iPhone 13 Pro photo is of COC (Cute Orange Cat) (we are not very good at naming our pets)…



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Some of the pets get so frustrated they try to eject…

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Hmmmmm…If my memory serves me correctly…

I’m planning to get the same model as yourself, upgrading from a Google Nexus 6P (alternate to iPhone 6S), but they are just not be seen in Australia. I’m anticipating a month until stocks arrive.

Uh, tell me you don’t use that name aloud when people are over?

“Honey, where is the COC?”
“In the bedroom?”
“Ok, stay here folks, I’ll bring back the COC for you to see.”


Alright Grandad, the nurse is on her way with your tablets :joy: :joy: