New(ish) pedals...

Freshly arrived from Norway, courtesy of @Troll who made me an offer I could not refuse. These pedals are beautiful, very heavy and beautifully engineered. I will write a main page article on them after I have some time with them.


OMG! They are so beautiful!!!
What have I done…! :scream:

Oh well… The BRD F2 pedals are great as well. But nothing beats the look of the Vipers.


I like the use of concrete and dramatic back-shadows. Adds to their epic ‘they could kill a man!’ aesthetic.


They could, you know…


Well, after my wife found out I bought another PC peripheral, I was kicked out of my house - so now I’m setting up my rig in the driveway. Hope it doesn’t rain.

Aren’t they? You should get you some…!

(And voice to text made that petals instead of pedals…so I fixed it…)


The prettiest of pedals!

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They look great !!!

I’m really liking my new MFG Crosswinds too. :slight_smile:

I cant like this, I want them! :wink:

Njoy Chris :slight_smile:

Uhhh dumb question: They have toe-brakes, right?


Not only do they have toe-brakes… They have toe-brakes with cam resistance!



yea no, I don’t know how it can be applied as a resistance…

3:15 You see a bearing riding on a spring loaded cam.

The main rudder axis uses the same principle

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You’re the best! Thanks!

EDIT: watched, brilliant exposure.

Thank you @sobek!

I’d just like to add that the cam acts as a variable moment arm, changing the spring resistance force with angular deflection. This means that the force increases towards the end of deflection, but remains light around center, or zero position. Also, the transition from zero or center, is very smooth.

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Awesome to read… I’m still in love with graphite-black MFG Crosswind- so you know, Christmas and presents and all… :stuck_out_tongue:

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They look really cool as well.
I initially set my sights on the MFGs, but I wanted to wait for the grey ones, as I prefered that to the initial black and white ones. In the meantime Slaw announced his F-16 Style pedals.
Now I have owned two Slaw pedals and one BRD. I really should get the MFGs, if only to compare them with the others…

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I’m breaking out my drill and screwdriver this morning. Gotta mount these babies to the floor! (And your envelope with the extra cam and spring arrived!)…


Damn those are Killer!!!

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