New MilSim Clan Project

A very ambitious Project begins and asks essential collaborators.
We will start a New MilSim Multigaming Clan.Team creates one custom made state of the art website and has her own HighEnd Dedicated Server for all Gaming Servers and Files,while it has salary staff so they attend to the operation and the maintainance of all.
The Team is addressed exclusively in Europeans, her official language will be English and all activities will become in hours CET.
A lot of subjects as the name the Logo and the colours of Team are still open.
Will exist Hierarchy,Ranked system, Diplomas and Medals.
In the beginning we will begin with ARMA 3 and DCS World later we can we add also other MilitarySim Games.
If anyone interests to participate from the beginning in this project and become a Co Founder please contact me with a full CV at [email protected].