New PC build for Christmas

Hey chaps I just thought you may like to here about my new build.
I just pressed the button on
i5 8600K
Asus Prime A Z370 motherboard
2x8Gb DDR4 3000Mhz 15CL

Oh and had an offer accepted on a house. This and the puppy will keep us occupied for a while. On the subject of time the Mudspike Christmas fly in has been delayed. I have made it to Heraklion Via Santander and have screens to put up. The next leg may be dependant on RL but I will finish it for definate, I just may be fasionably late

God speed mudspikers :slight_smile:


Good luck on the move.

Those 8600K’s are very nice. You tempted to put in more RAM? For the first time in ages, I’m sort of tempted to go over 16GB…

And 229th! :wink:

No desire to pay over the odds for RAM that will decrease in price sooner rather than later @fearlessfrog When funds allow and the price comes down I will grab another 2x8 for 32Gb I don’t expect to ever need it though :blush:

@TheAlmightySnark of course to the 229th too :slight_smile:

@Aginor there will be a release of different chipsets for the new coffee lake CPU’s in Q1 18 paired to a stock chip like the 8400 will be a great future proof rig for a great price


Santa arrived :sunny:

My old i7 920 looking sad but what a great build at the time and with a few upgrades she kept going right till the end. I think it will still make a great 2nd pc. 4Ghz on 2.67Ghz chip is good going

And my case with flushed loop and cleaned block ready to get back to work
The build will have to wait till tomorrow


I’m jealous, I like taking them apart and putting them back together as much as playing. You might hang on to the other pc and use it as a dedicated server if you’re into that stuff. Doing that made ARMA way more enjoyable for me and some guys I play with.

Here is my latest benchmark. I am very proud and this is the first time I feel I have a futureproof rig that is as good as I could possibly get on my budget.
PS top temp was 44*C


I got my components from Amazon and have just discovered how easy and painfree to return an item. the motherboard with faulty dimms can be returned by 8th Feb free of charge and the replacement board will arrive by the 18th Jan. So very little downtime except swapping boards (theoretically) Heres hoping :slight_smile:

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