New Phones

Will be back with actual questions but I need to cool down first. Ready to take a baseball bat to this one at the moment.


Would have to go to the store and buy a ball bat first though… :crazy_face:

Just got home with a Nokia C2 Tava.

  • Want Google assistant turned off
  • Want the screen to stop turning on with every movement.
  • Want to finish setup without associating the phone to a Google account.



Yeah, if it’s an Android, you’re using Google.
If it’s an iPhone, you’re using Apple.

I think some Ericsson phones still work that use neither…

As for the screen going on with movement, that is the way ALL phones are now. You can get a flip case or other type that covers the screen and then it won’t, they stay dark if they detect a cover.

Not the news I wanted to hear but it is what it is…
At least I was able to disable Google Assistant.


My wife received a new MacBook Pro last week from her new employer. I somehow successfully set it up without an Apple account. She ran this way for a few days, then finally caved and created a new Apple login with her work email.

FYI, as far as Windows, the not plugging into Ethernet or setting up Wi-Fi method is still a good work-around for not having to login with a Microsoft account while setting up a new OEM installed version.

Apple charge a premium for the brand name probably?

Been using using Samsung for ages and three or four Samsung Galaxy upgrades on the trot I never really needed LOL

Current phone is a Samsung Galaxy S20 + G5 and just before Covid broke I talked with Sky UK my provider and I really should have done my research because there was a new model just a month away The S21 series and the bar stewards never mentioned it, LOL … they wanted to get rid of old stock I suppose, reason I bought the S20 at that time was it was just before Covid broke, or slightly after and nobody knew it would last this long and I just wanted to have a great phone with best pic and video quality for my beloved Rock shows … Covid happened though big style and we all got locked down and the S20 I have has largely gone to waste that way … am sure would have done some brill pics and vids with it :slight_smile:

You cant get into a big rock show with a DSLR, but they wont deny you phones, the capability’s of phones with camera is scary good for low light concert stuff these days, zoom as well.

An older phone cam example of mine … and I wasn’t really trying.

Metallica at London 2019 on a Galaxy S10 + I think this is OK and especially sound wise … I wonder how my S20+ would have done ? :slight_smile:

Apple are good, but i get by fine with Samsung and Android and various apps :slight_smile:

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