New SDK for Mods in the future to DCS: W?

By Weta43, that talk about ED has working on a future SDK or similar to the comunity can build MODs and that can be register by ED. To get access to DCS: W if make popular and work with the new integrity check system present on multiplayer (I suppose them, something similar to ARMA develop tools). I expected someone can confrim them.


that’s exciting news!!!

That sounds very good.
…actually even close to being too good to be true, given how ED’s statements concerning that topic looked in the past.

It would make me SUPER HAPPY to have proper modelling tools for DCS planes, maps and so on, I just have learned from the past and don’t dare to hope anymore.

EDIT to clarify: The terrain tools where the #1 reason why I backed the WW2 project. I fell into a deep hole when those were dropped, and I don’t want to repeat that.

That’s not ED’s fault though. That project was run by a third party project. Just felt like it’s important to clarify that for those that do not know how it went.


Yeah, thanks for mentioning it!
I tend to forget that not everyone watches DCSW and its development as closely as we do.

Of course it wasn’t ED’s fault, they didn’t promise it so I don’t expect them to deliver it. No questions.
Still… that would have been the biggest step toward a bright future of the DCSW modding community, which is why I was SO much looking forward to it.

ED has been pretty restrictive in the past concerning some aspects of modding, and that’s a perfectly valid decision, it still hurts me in my modder heart that some things just aren’t possible in what is by far the best simulation engine out there IMO.
It is like having a fly in that last glass of Chardonnay from 2003.

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If I must be honest I think that ED decision to delay modding tools is sound.
Consider that only now ED is reaching a ‘final’, stable, proper, engine.
Testament to this is the fact that many 3rd party developers had to continuously delay themselves some functions for their modules.
Everyone had to endure the wait and make do with what they had.

Just imagine what happened, the amount of whining and whatnot if partial and/or continuously developed modding tools would have been released earlier…

A complete disaster of half backed maps, modules and gizmos impossible to properly debug and sort exactly because the modding tools themselves were unready and in-development…

Sure, possibly, one or two diamonds in the rough would have been released too… but at what (mental) cost?

I for one applaud ED decision.

:slight_smile: I hope I madr some sense…


That’a definitely an argumentation that I understand! :slight_smile:

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More info by cOff by future moding tools on DCS: W

DCS includes manifests, which contain hash/size information about core game files. Modules, located in the game install folder are required to have manifests. If case of any manifest check failure, the client is marked as non-IC-compliant and he can’t enter servers requiring the IC. Currently, only a selection of files is checked. Sound/texture modifications are not checked yet.

Modules, located in the ‘Saved Games’ folder are not expected to have manifests, yet.

[b]The big plan is that:

  1. the installed game files are not allowed to be modified.
  2. all modification to the game can only be done via user-created ‘modules’. Be it sound, texture, model, or unit modfication or a mix of such.
  3. each user module will be required to have a manifest, created by an official tool (most likely, the tool will be shipped with the game).[/b]

This will make the modifications to the game identifiable and controllable - that is, server owners will be able to control which exact versions of user-mods are allowed to be used by their clients.

And of course, all this implies a published documentation on how to use all this features.[/quote]

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