New Tat

Kinda proud of this bad boy, took 6 hours of non stop work yesterday… turned out better then I hoped and very detailed…


We need better pictures! :smiley:

I still remember your ultra mean mugshot! :grin:

Damn…that’s pretty intricate! Congrats…!

ya, that mug shot has been splashed all over the local news this past week with the story of my forced retirement… of course they would use THAT pic out of the hundred regular ones I have. :wink:

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You either die a hero…or live long enough to see yourself become the villain…


@Magnum50 for what it’s worth, you’ll always be my favourite cop. Plus I’m pretty sure whoever knows you has no problem with figuring out the reality of the situation.

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People would crap their pants if every officer in the US didn’t respond to ANY calls for a week. Thanks for the job you did Magnum, it is definitely not something I could have done for a week let alone 30+ years.